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  1. Depends on whether the service will make a mess on my driveway or not...
  2. warming his vagina by the fire 'Attractive' is rather subjective ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Just use a straightened paper clip to unclog it. Easy Peazy
  4. You probably meant 'HD rider warming his vagina by the fire' ๐Ÿ˜™
  5. You have to understand that retailers sell real-estate. They have to fill their shelf-meters with products that they know will sell and make profit. Even if your product is on consignment, it takes up shelf space at the expense of another product and no guarantee that it will be worthwhile. As a retailer your goal is to continuously tweak your products and fill your shelves with those to keep on maximizing returns. Why would you sacrifice shelf space to something that is not proven? -- Former distributor having gone through the same
  6. As a company, they have excellent service. Had a question about neck brace and I could phone the marketing manage himself and get all the info
  7. Someone I know did this. Fail. Bike owners do not want to pay for a service for what the labour is costing you. You will not run a viable business on workshop only.
  8. Customs VAT you pay is 15% on 110% of the value of the item. Some items attract duties as well
  9. Any idea if there is a DSTV replay of the ladies MTB?
  10. Anywhere where a reply is available? Useless DSTV has no replays as far as I can find
  11. Wow first time I am seeing this course. Simply amazing IMHO. Way better than any WC course. Never in a World Cup have I thought "ooh I'd like to ride this course". But this one I want to ride all day...
  12. Yes report these rogue riders. Name and shame complicit members
  13. Shouldn't you be shortening the chain if you install smaller ring? The derailleur can only take up a limited amount of slack
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