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Woodlands Boulevard - Cycle Fair (Cycle and Coffee Exhibition)


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Hi There,


Anyone have more info about this / know about this?


Pretoria East, Gauteng




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I came across this cool Blog on the event:


Cycling and Coffee Fair:

Bikes and beans make fantastic friends.



After pedalling around the neighbourhood at up to 80km per hour on a downhill, a group of four cyclists walk into Woodlands Boulevard’s House of Coffee. They sit there, excitedly talking about their lives.

Three order cappuccinos. The fourth, a latte.

Oh, the one’s wife is pregnant for the second time. And it’s going to be a girl. He’s very happy, until one of the older guys jokingly says he’ll need to build a moat around the house by the time she’s sixteen – like he did when his own daughter reached that age.

Another cyclist, a young woman, was that old only six years ago. Now she’s heading up an empowerment firm and she talks about the big deal going through in the coming week.

The last, the grey beard of the group, is nearly 67. He talks animatedly about his grandkids, one of whom is about to go to primary school.

They sip their coffees, enjoying each other’s company, feeling flush after an exerting, but exhilarating ride.

Such diverse people, brought together by a single passion.


Cycling culture.


Coffee has long been associated with cycling. Whether it’s for its stimulating effect pre-ride or the stimulating conversation a cycling group has after that ride, it is as part of cycling as tight, constricting pants and funny shaped helmets.

For many cyclists, the sport is a great way to relieve stress and keep fit. It’s also an important social activity. Most cyclists are part of a group or a club, and their cycling friends are a valued addition to their lives.

Going to a café, like our House of Coffee or Seattle, before or after a ride is a tradition. We especially see a lot of cyclists come through because the beautiful area around our shopping centre is a popular spot to cycle in.



Spilling the beans.


It’s not hard to see why coffee drinking has made its way into such an essentially social activity as cycling.

Coffee has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, as a social lubricant. It is a mild stimulant, sharpening the senses and awakening the brain, as millions around the world know full well.

In fact, we reckon the world’s business productivity levels would drop lower than 50% if coffee was suddenly removed from the mix.

Coffee is also seen by science to be mildly beneficial in ways related to brain health. Because it stimulates the brain, it encourages neurological connections. Some studies suggest that filter coffee can reduce the risk of dementia in later years – that’s as good an excuse to drink the dark brew as any we’ve ever heard!


In celebration of a special culture.


It’s in this spirit we hold our Cycling and Coffee Fair with over 25 exhibitors for all things bikes and beans. It’s happening at Woodlands Boulevard from 28 February till 3 March 2019.

If you’re a cyclist, you’ll definitely want to bring your group and enjoy what’s on offer. It’ll be a fantastic social event. And if you’re not a cyclist, well, now’s the time to get into this excellent hobby and sports activity – with the fair an excellent starting point.

For one thing, you could end up making some new friends and join a group of lively, special people who’ve taken life by the handles.


Join us at the Cycling and Coffee Fair 28 February – 3 March.

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