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Fix or Upgrade Crank Set


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I'm a major newb to the mtn biking scene.

I bought a secondhand momsen Al329 and been having fun with it. It came with cleats installed, so I borrowed some pedals from a buddy, the pedals have been chilling in the garage for the past 5 years.


As I was riding the left side pedal ceased on the down stroke and ripped the entire threading out of the crank arm. 


I'm unsure with what I could do. Can someone fix it by rethreading, should I try to find a replacement crank set (seems to be very scarce). Or should I upgrade the crank set?


More Info:
Crank set is a Shimano Deore M522 Octalink

Groupset is Deore M6000 3x10


I would appreciate any advice.


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A good bike shop can put an insert in.


Where are you based?

I'm in brits, close enough to Pretoria.

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Which way did you thread in the left side pedal?  Clockwise or anti-clockwise? 

Anti-clockwise (to the front of the bike)

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