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  1. How many of you know that the speed limit on Chapmans Peak from south to north from Noordhoek beach to the top lookout point is 20km/h Seriaasly
  2. Lost a friend/acquaintance just over 2 weeks ago. Got bronchitis and died of a heart attack. In his fifties. Take it EASY when the lurgies pounce.
  3. DIAGNOSED ?????? (take ivermectin) (What is called swine flu today is not the same as the swine flu of 2009. It is related.)
  4. Cherry on top - SanParks gets money from PPA which is duly used for boardwalks for hiking none of it used for cycling. It does not get better. (Zebra - source - same as previous one) We have a beautiful land.
  5. Just when you think a route is safe.
  6. Eight years old ??? Take it easy on him please !!!
  7. The cycling lane from Muizenberg to Vishoek is called Boyes Drive - try it some time a lot safer.
  8. What do you expect when trail sections are named Cobra, Mamba, Boomslang, Rinkhals and Snake Eyes and a series of them known as The Snakes
  9. Just be aware that puffies are one of the top fastest strikers in the snake world - and at full tilt they are NOT slow either.
  10. Wonder if he accepted the lowball ??? Spirited yanker !!! (of chains)
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