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Replacing Innersoles on MTB shoes

Jako De Wet

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Hi everyone


I have a pair of Suplest Zero shoes with a carbon sole that I have been using for a few years now. The shoes are still solid, but the innersoles are obviously shot by now.


Is it worth while spending a few hundred on new innersoles or should I rather just replace the shoes completely?


The reason I'm asking is that I will much rather spend R500 on inners and have money left to get some 2FO flats.


I've never replaced inners, so not sure if its worthwhile. n00b question of the day.

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I think you have answered you own question.



No issues with replacing inners before. Just make sure they fit perfectly and doesn't move around. 


Spez have 3 different options in various sizes. You can place your foot on an in-store heat map and it will show you with what option to go with. Also think they cheaper than R 500.00

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