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  1. Thank you. Max clearance for 650b on my frame is 50mm. Think I will go 45mm as my rim width is a bit on the narrow side.
  2. How do they measure? 40mm as 40mm? I want to go 50mm on the 650b's but that will be my limit to leave some mud clearance.
  3. I can vouch for @Werner_T though!
  4. Seems like he made a duck...
  5. I suppose if you start a thread questioning a shop you kind of answered the question already.
  6. Chat to @Bertus Greeff, he posted in "Boast about latest purchases" thread about buying from them.
  7. POC Omne Air Spin after splitting my previous helmet in three at Berg & Bush.
  8. No mails yet. Check on the website under start list.
  9. Just got my bib number. Also over the training now. Luckily into taper from today.
  10. I tried getting some tubeless ones from the Rook guys. They couldn't source any. Definitely a bit loose in the mud, but did not struggle on rocky section and steep climbs. Going to give them a go at Race to the Sun. I had a mate bring them back from the US. Paid just under R 1800 for both.
  11. After a very long search and a few wanted ads I decided to get these tyres from the US. So worth the wait!
  12. Two wheels trading might still have some Momsen boxes? Pretty sure they use mounting screws. I have a Specialized rubber one. Send me a PM and we can take it further.
  13. Only issue with it, is that it can't stand upright. Using it for last 3 weeks.
  14. I have the Thule Touring S and took it for a 3 700 km road trip last week without any hassles. 3 soft bags fits easily. K-Way XL, K-Way L and a North Face M. Little to no extra drag and no wind noise. You do feel it when the wind is really pumping and I am sure you will feel it a bit more on a Jimny.
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