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  1. What madmarc said. I will buy it from you if you can't use it.
  2. Richard Baxter working out of Dunkeld Cycles.
  3. Log your warranty online. Google BOA Warranty claim. Follow the steps as set out on their website. A few pictures of the shoe etc. Receive the dials about 3 days later. Received warranty replacements last year during hard lockdown. No issues.
  4. Did the bike come with WTB Byway 650 x 47? If so, want to sell them if they are tubeless ready?
  5. Thule state it takes 4.7 tyres. The straps are very long. It helps with the fine tuning of the bikes as you can move the bike left or right on the rack and still tie them down securely. DM me if you want some photo's
  6. Enough space in footbed and very sturdy ratchet straps. I am running 2.3 on my MTB and it slots in with room to spare. It actually have grooves for different size tyres. Road bike will fit in the inner grove and a wider tyre will fit in a wider grove and just on top of the narrow grove. I think Thule markets them as fat bike ready. It is very sturdy at the back of the car. It comes with a adjuster on the ball clamp to get it as tight as possible and can fit different size tow bars. There is no play on the tilt attachments. Once locked in it is locked in!
  7. Yes, as soon as the seat posts are out the way it is a breeze to load.
  8. I also have the 3 bike XT3. Can not fault it one bit and agree with the above. Have fitted 1 x XL and 2 x L mtb's on it without issues. A bit of a 'mik and druk' but it's a lot more spacious than any other thule rack I have seen or used. Wheels to drag it to the car also makes it easy. Will have to check on the tilt and clearance. It does tilt quite far down. **Edit: Spelling**
  9. Purely based on your silence. If the matter is resolved, why is it sub judice? Anyway... Happy hunting.
  10. Seems like a no. Also seems like the marketing budget for the financial year have been spent. No more self marketing happening...
  11. My last batch I sent to him using the Post Net in Oudtshoorn if I remember correctly. He drove to go and fetch it and sent me photos of the helmet being used in the workshop by one of the beneficiaries. Safety first!
  12. I do the same. Seems like Strava detects a duplicated workout/ride/run if loaded to strava from multiple connections. Will only load the first one, and ignore the second if both are loaded in a similar time frame. Don't know which one will be better for VO2 Max. I track mine on Garmin Connect and not on Strava as I don't have Premium.
  13. Came out lekker. Had to recreate the thickness of the original bar mount as I wanted to use the same mounting screw. Also had some bracket made for my daytime riding lights which also works a charm. Can be made more flush but will use these for the time being.
  14. Box them up and send them to Prince Albert Cycles. Arno helps out the local community and assist them with any bike repairs they might need. You know it won't be going to waste.
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