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    More than a month later. Still very happy with my GCN+ subscription; in fact now even happier.
  2. Hi Hubbers, is there anybody in the Kloof area that is willing to accompany or guide a Vaalie from Kloof to the coast (probably north coast) on a road ride Saturday 24 April? I am staying close to the Fields Hill Shell on Pioneer Rd. I'd prefer if you are not a serial killer.
  3. Consider the tyres from Decathlon. They have proven very durable on my son's bike, lots of grip and seem to roll well. Between him and his buddies they have not yet been able to destroy them. https://www.decathlon.co.za/p/8328431_all-terrain-7-mountain-bike-tyre-26x210.html Will get them again.
  4. Traveler


    Very satisfied with my GCN+ Subscription.
  5. Having owned a Pyga before and having ridden a friend's Stage while my OneTen was out of action and riding a Stage Max at Trailwolf, they will need to bring out a magic carpet to see my money again. A Pyga is not as magical as they are made out to be. Been there, done that, own three t-shirts, the cap and the coffee mug.
  6. I want to echo that my experience with them was less than stellar. Use to own a OneTen and a massively vocal supporter of the bike and the brand. Can attest to getting 9 other riders onto Pyga products. When my OneTen gave issues, they were completely disinterested to even investigate the problem and provide me with advice on the problem. Easy solution, bought a BMC.
  7. Decided upon Easton ARC 27's. I did not know they make 28h rims. Have RaceFace ARC 30's on my 27.5 and they have proven to be very durable.
  8. I completely disagree with such a swooping statement. Most major and reputable bike brands are manufactured in Taiwan. Which is of course is a politically debatable answer. According to China, Taiwan is part of China, and according to Taiwan, they are not China.
  9. @OP, really great when you can identify the trigger and get to know how to manage it.
  10. Available as a rim only, I do not want replace hubs.
  11. Chinese and descent; how does that go in one sentence? It is like Chinese and quality, kind of mutually exclusive?
  12. Advice please, want to upgrade the DT Swiss Spline X1700 rims, however, keeping the hubs with straight pull spokes. Would like them to be 27mm or wider ID rims. Important to be tough rims. Locally I’ve seen only cSixx and Lyne offer 28h hole hoops.
  13. Chain tension/length on 12spd is critical if you want it to shift properly. SRAM drivetrains require less tension in the shifting cable than Shimano to work properly.
  14. Unfortunately I did, and their Sales Manager basically gave me the biggest ignore of my life. Luckily with my insurance the frame was paid out.
  15. Very nice indeed, just make sure about the warranty.
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