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  1. I can also vouch for the Cura's. Came from SLX's and the Cura's are awesome brakes. Great feel, great stopping power and even better value for money
  2. It wasn't that wet there tbh. But then again I was concentrating on keeping all my teeth, it could have been hailing and I would probably have missed it ????
  3. Went to Jonkers yesterday with a few friends and thanks to Grease_Monkey and CoenieVD who showed me the lines and towed me into the features, I rode Status 2 and 3 and Plumber 1. AWESOME day out, felt like a pro when I drove home XD
  4. yeah, I had the Tektro's on mine. It was the first batch of the new frame, bought in August 2018
  5. I have to agree with this. The standard brakes on this is terrible. I have a XL Stumpy, and I love my bike, but I have since upgraded the brakes, fork and just recently the shock. Had some issues with the shock leaking, but this is apparently a known issue of the XFusion and Stumpy frame. RBC sorted it out for free under warranty. All said and done, if you ask me to buy a bike again...I would probably go for the ST again
  6. I changed my 130mm RS to a 150mm Ribbon Coil on my ST Stumpy and to be honest, I do feel a difference when going up steep hills, but normal flat riding there isn't much difference. The difference you get going downhill is way more apparent than the struggle on the hills. I know the geo isn't the same on your Scott, but I would say go for it! The bike is meant to go down and not up in any case
  7. Finally had enough time...and legs, to make it to the top. Lockdown has made me super unfit. The trail up to EnduroRocks have been nicely groomed, and down even more.
  8. Oh how I have missed this view. I didn't go all the way to the top of Enduro Rocks, because of lunch time constraints The new section next to Mexican Border is awesome and the trails are in great shape! Looking forward to riding there again this weekend
  9. awesome photo as always... PS: HOW MANY HELMUTS DO YOU HAVE?!?
  10. hey! slow down there Grease_Monkey, what are you trying to say? *Looks at Stumpy in the garage....
  11. You wont be disappointed with that First Ascent purchase. I used a friend of mine's one for W2W last year, it was POURING with rain on the first day. I only had my cycling jersey and this jacket on. My phone was still working (it was in the waterproof chest pocket) and I was nice and warm throughout the ride.
  12. I have a pair of these, and they are about just at my knee level I would say. https://indola.co.za/shop/bottoms/baggies/thebusiness-enduro-mtb-baggy/
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