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First Ascent Traverse MTB Shoes


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Looking for a new pair of shoes, would like something that can be worn with cleats and/or flats which I have just purchased. Tried on a pair of First Ascent Traverse, very comfortable which is a priority. Any wearers of these out there? I ask because my recent experience with the brand was dealt a blow when a suitcase came apart on me whilst overseas. Got a refund but always had good quality from FA before.




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Stay away the shoes are the same as your suitcase.had mine to the cobbler twice in 6 months.Stick to trusted brands

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I wouldn't recommend buying one pair of shoes to use with both cleats and flat pedals. I know it seems like it should work fine, but the reality is that clipless shoes and flat pedal shoes have quite different characteristics. I've been down that road, it didn't work. For reference I bought a set of Specialized 2FO Clip shoes to use with SPD and Saint flat pedals. So arguably a pretty high end set up, which  on paper seemed as if it should work fine.


The rubber on the clipless shoes are just not grippy enough for flat pedals, and the hole where the cleat goes means you never get proper traction on a flat pedal. I had zero confidence using the 2FO's on the flat pedals. Rather just buy some decent clipless shoes and a pair of Vans (or other grippy skate shoes). Or just ditch the cleats altogether, and go full flat pedal.


Also, those FA shoes don't look lekker man.

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