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  1. Looking to off load my triton router, table, stand, biscuit jointer, finger jointer and a few bits. In box me for more info.
  2. Looking to move my Triton Spindle sander on so I'll offer it here before I gumtree it. Good condition, R 1800.00. Inbox me or WhatsApp for photo's Sold
  3. That's how they roll down there. Different evolutionary pathways. No wonder the animals are so different.
  4. Standard kit issue for that lad. 🤣
  5. Wire haired Dashund. 12 weeks old.
  6. Tech is improving but the athletes who are competing are sports specific now days more so than ever. For example the make up of the 10 000 m Olympic podium places from 1912 to 1952 were all Europeans, the first African made the podium in 1964. From 1992 to 2016 there was only 1 non African on the podium!
  7. DQS taking another day off?
  8. You just can't trust the French!
  9. So unless Pogacar does something stupid or explodes he looks likely to hold onto yellow until Paris, he's managed to stay out of the carnage that a good few of the contenders have been caught up in, his luck, so far. At the moment it looks like the rest are riding for a podium place except that yesterday Vingegaard puts his hand up and suddenly there's a glimmer of light. I don't believe Pogacar was holding back on the climb yesterday, his effort to take a pointless 4th place at the end sprint showed that. How do the other teams react to this? Clearly the Ineos method that worked well in the past is shot to hell now.
  10. All the sprinters are chasing DQ. Let them do the work and give Tim Declercq the day off.
  11. An honest question here. Would it not make sense for EFF, Jumbo or Ineos, or all three to combine their efforts, to put pressure on UAE today by trying to get their leaders into a breakaway? Lots more work and probably will not succeed but worth a try? How vulnerable are UAE at the moment? There is only one more mountain top finish left so trying to get away from TP when he can recover time on a descent will probably not work.
  12. I swear I scoured the results sheet from yesterdays stage and unless I'm blind I cannot see it written anywhere that Cavendish cheated. The amount of time would be YouTube subscriber hunters are devoting to the analysis of yesterdays stage is amazing, lines in the road, cracks in the road!! He won, the organisers said he won, let's move on. 32 wins and there are still doubters, most pro's would give their left nut for 1. O.K. some gave up a bit more!
  13. No. Will still be riding for Israel Start-Up for a while. https://www.cyclist.co.uk/news/8424/israel-start-up-nation-confirm-signing-of-chris-froome-on-long-term-deal
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