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  1. Can't find any info, but perhaps to adjust the angle at which a detent stops the pedal's rotation?
  2. Thank you for putting together this nice list of products that Cool Heat won't be bringing into SA.
  3. I guess this is true, but really I think we should ask for more technical climbs. There is nothing quite like clearing a tricky section of trail going up the hill. This topic came up while we were riding up Spykers climb at Hoogekraal just after they fixed it up recently. I understand this repair was done for drainage purposes and in order to prevent too much damage to the renosterveld, so no complaints here, but it got us talking about the distinct lack of technical climbs in Tygerberg. I can only think of two sections really, the Lombards Terra climb and the short rocky section leading to the Contermans mast (coming from Hillcrest side, It's fun if you try sticking to the right hand sided of the road). I for one would love to see some nice, natural, rocky singletrack leading up to the trail heads. Roots would be nice too, but last I checked we only have about seven trees in Tygerberg. It doesn't need to be steep, it doesn't even need to go uphill, just something that gets you from A to B in not the easiest way possible. Remember going up the old lower canaries in Jonkershoek? Slow, rocky, fun.
  4. Haha, that's okay. I'm not too fussed about who exactly the aggregate players are in the Cape peninsula.
  5. I'm guessing it's Afrimat. They run the operation at Contermans, which actually coexists quite peacefully with the trails there.
  6. You are aware that mining/prosepecting rights and surface rights are two completely different things right? Its more than likely not the owner of the farm that has applied for the prospecting license. It is incredibly difficult for the common man to acquire a prospecting or mining license in SA. So no need for anyone to get all up in the farmer's face. If for some reason you have inside info that it is in fact the farmer, you should keep that info to yourself.
  7. Mining rights in SA are "complicated", so I won't be worried about the Hoogekraal trails before I see a drill rig on the hills. These guys are doing one of two things. 1) They may be legitimately interested in mining for aggregate, the geology (hornfels) in the area is certainly correct for mining aggregate. It's also what gets mined all at the neighboring quarries. If this is true they are probably well versed in the art of making a deal under the table and it will almost certainly materialize. Sadly, the mineral resource industry in SA is incredibly corrupt. or... 2) Its someone that knows that the area is perfect for mining aggregate, but has no interest in actually mining it. The sole purpose of acquiring the license is to keep it until someone willing to mine buys it from them. If this is the case then the shelf company probably belongs to someone with connections in the DMR. Hopefully it's the latter and we get to have Hoogekraal trails a little while longer.
  8. Love how they make a point of mentioning it's 2.5km away from a waste disposal site. I guess that's to make it seem like less of a big deal. Nevermind it being located in the middle of a recreational area that serves thousands of people. I've heard through a grapevine that Hoogekraal has had a very troubled past in terms of ownership, not sure how true any of it is, but quite sad if it is.
  9. If I were you I'd go for a tyre with the strongest possible casing (i.e. Downhill casing, maybe Double-down will work too). At 160kgs, the weight saved using anything less is a sub-marginal gain. You won't find anything with an XC tread pattern and a downhill casing, but there are options such as the Maxxis Minion SS or Specialized Slaughter that will offer somewhat lower rolling resistance.
  10. Back on topic. I don't agree. If your bike is noisy, you're not giving it the required maintenance. If you ride more or ride in terrible conditions all the time you will need to do more maintenance to keep your bike running well. If you do minimal maintenance or don't replace parts when necessary, your bike will ride like a P.O.S.. I do however think you get two types of cyclist. The one that hates a noisy bike, and the one that doesn't even notice the noises. Sometimes I wish I was the latter, I would save a lot of money and I would probably ride better not thinking something is going to break because of whatever new noise my bike is making. On the other hand though, a silent bike is soooo satisfying to ride.
  11. Oh totally! I am often guilty of this. I even slapped a bunch of new grease into the freehub, so my ride is super silent now.
  12. A friend of mine had that same issue a while ago. Turned out to be his rear thru axle that wasn't tightened properly. Dead silent again now. This weekend my bike also started making creaking noises under load. I was SURE it was the BB. guess what...Thru axle. Which also explained my slightly crappy shifting.
  13. Sounds about right. I wouldn't expect that kind of service from anyone else.
  14. I wouldn't recommend buying one pair of shoes to use with both cleats and flat pedals. I know it seems like it should work fine, but the reality is that clipless shoes and flat pedal shoes have quite different characteristics. I've been down that road, it didn't work. For reference I bought a set of Specialized 2FO Clip shoes to use with SPD and Saint flat pedals. So arguably a pretty high end set up, which on paper seemed as if it should work fine. The rubber on the clipless shoes are just not grippy enough for flat pedals, and the hole where the cleat goes means you never get proper traction on a flat pedal. I had zero confidence using the 2FO's on the flat pedals. Rather just buy some decent clipless shoes and a pair of Vans (or other grippy skate shoes). Or just ditch the cleats altogether, and go full flat pedal. Also, those FA shoes don't look lekker man.
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