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The switch to flats

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I must say, I have been playing around with Saints/V12's and my 2FO shoes.


I love it! Took some time to get my feet not to leave the pedals when I go over jumps, still happening now and then when I am not 100% committed/concentrating.


Feels like I definitely have more speed in the corners and it feels as if I have overall better balance on the bike when jumping etc. Can feel the difference when climbing, but I don't see myself going back to clipless unless I am doing a 50km+ ride.


Just waiting for my trail helmet to arrive and then going to build up the confidence for the GSpot road gap. amper daar.

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Or dab...

When you put your foot out to catch or stabilise yourself. While this can also be done with cleats, it’s a pain because you the have to clip in again every time.


Just imagine if Moto cross riders clipped in....

watch how often they dab or brace with their “inside foot”

 it is very very different on an MX bike....


First on all how you going to hit the brakes or shift gears with your foot cleated in?


If you watch carefully MX riders have to compensate heavily by gripping the bike in the air with their heels.


When you lift a leg forward on an mx bike in a corner it shifts a lot of weight forward weighting the front wheel a bit better. It also acts as a counter balance bit like a pole to a tight rope walker. On a mtb with no knee braces or boots with ankle braces, dabbing at 30kmh will likely end your ride.


Also by lifting your inner leg you transfer some weight to the outside leg to weight the outside foot giving you better traction and drive out of the corner.


Motocross movement of weight is a lot more vital as you need to change a 110kg bikes direction not 15kg of dh bike. Also you want to be as far away from the bike during an accident and often need to hit the eject button a lot more urgently like Dean Wilson did recently

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Did my first ride on flats today. Man I have A LOT of corrective work to do. Could not even loft my rear wheel onto the pavement without almost mashing my shins... For the rest I did not really notice a difference.

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