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Sponsorship proposal


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I have never done this before so take my ramblings an turf em.


I would have a short intro. Who you are etc.

Next a detailed list of racing achievements

Next a detailed description of what the brand can expect in terms of exposure and try ascertain a value of that exposure. Include the market the exposure would receive. I.e is it the brands target market. LSM details etc. Go in great detail the nature of benefits to the brand and how it aligns to the sport. Etc. Embellish it and appeal to the brand. Detail what you expect from them and what you anticipate to achieve. Brands and sponsors and buying public love winners.


Do real research. Check out current sponsorships and exposure etc.


Good luck.

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Chances are that whoever you give it to will not be the final sign-off. So make sure what you hand over is easy for them to pitch on your behalf. Companies will get proposals all the time, you need to be offering the best return in their investment. Anyway you can demonstrate the exposure will help and importantly how does it relate to their already defined target market.


How can you be different and give back, assuming you are a good rider if asking for sponsorship so can you host group rides for them on a Saturday morning, help their staff with training programs or social program.


Be clear with your ask and what you will be doing with their money.


Finally, Good Luck!!

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