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  1. WrightJnr

    Formula 1...

    Awesome man. Van Biljon I remember for sure. Karting I raced from 1990 to 2002. Stocks (then renamed High School), Formula 100 & Supers (on/off). Mark and Gavin pitted behind us in their first years racing. I know them well still to this day. Raced so many chassis over the years. Swiss Hutless, PCR and mostly Tony Kart. I’m also tall (188cm) so spent my karting life on diet. (I made up for it in the following decades though!) It was an awesome time back then. Packed fields and classes and so many karting SA Champs went onto to great Motorsport careers. Travelled the country with my dad, spent every weekend burning Petrol in some form of engine.
  2. I have to agree. But it feels like a one sided divorce. I was leading a happy life with Mrs. Bikehub, we laughed, we cried, we sang, and then one day, she got out of bed and decided things were just “not working out”, it’s “not you it’s me” and promptly changed the front door keys. Now I’m sitting at the bar, twisting my wedding ring on my finger after a few tinder nights and wondering to myself, am I cheating on her or is this love affair really over?
  3. I would be very interested to see old vs. new active members per week/day/hour and post related activity. I’m really trying to adapt and justify to myself why I should use Tapatalk for 6 forums and my web browser for 1. I’m finding myself here less and less, convinced I’m seeing posts from less people. Once the habit is gone, people move on.
  4. WrightJnr

    Formula 1...

    First I ever heard of “Maxxis” was on my racing Kart. They were the new tyre for one year. Front tyre was 30% wider than the Bridgestones from before. DAMN!!! Transformed racing for us back then, grip for daaaaaaaaaaays. But they were shait at heat cycles and you lost 1/10th after the first run and more each run. Tyre budget and setup notes went out the window! sorry… went off topic there. ????
  5. WrightJnr

    Formula 1...

    The team is showing cracks and lack of unison. On the flip side, RBR is pulling as a single unit. As Mr Lance Armstrong says “Mr. Momentum is in the house”
  6. He who has great desire for boy racer car must accept that bicycle is never going to work well. Been there, done that. Now own bike friendly vehicle. Good luck!!
  7. I’ve learnt a lot in the past 18 months about us humans. Doesn’t read well to be honest…. (Including myself!)
  8. WrightJnr


    Classic #MM93. Hit the front, control the pace and 5 laps to go, pull the pin. Impressive ride. Great ride by #BB33 as well.
  9. Jirre, those spring rockers and pillar post have 7 adjustment points. That’s pro.
  10. It’s that interpretation of the sound of a bell, car horn, etc.. by the person receiving it where the real issue lies. That same “ring ring” can be heard as a “gentle howzit, I’ve come up behind you and don’t want to startle you” to a “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY NOW YOU INFERIOR MUPPET” Problem in general these days is people are selfish and super sensitive to everything. We programmed to expect and think the worst. It’s sad. I’ve always responded and taught my boys the same to a bell or call for “trek” that acknowledged their presence and tell them you’ll move over as soon as safe to do so. And then do so. If they can’t wait, we’ll it’s up to them to find a way around you.
  11. Problem is the only thing most of us can measure YoY is our salaries!!! And that’s a sad one.
  12. Anyone in any industry that is trying to compare YoY prices on anything in 2021 is wasting their time. Everything from raw materials to manufacture, production, shipping, distribution and demand are on opposite ends of the scale.
  13. 100% and fully understand the supply vs. demand for the different markets. I’m at old school MTB rider and every time I ride a HT I feel like I’m home. In saying that, I only own a Spark now and sold my last HT a Scale a good few years ago and got a road bike. I’m convinced the current cycling industry is trying to convince roadies that a gravel bike is cool and traditional. In a few more years, they will all realise they riding a MTB Hardtail ????
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