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TACX Booster doesn't fit my 29er MTB


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Hi All



I recently bought a 2nd hand TACX Booster from a Bikehub Forum member. If you Google the specs etc. it says that it will fit a MTB 29er. If you open the booster you can select level 1-3, I have it on level 3: "ATB 29" 660-720".



My MTB 29er won’t fit on it. I looked at Youtube videos etc. but can’t get it too fit. Am I doing something wrong or is my MTB 29er tyre just too big for the trainer?






So I assume then my only other option will then be to get a second wheel set, maybe a 26er. Im a novice so Im not even sure if a 26er wheel set will fit a 29er. I have seen a good deal on this forum on a 26er wheel set. It also has a quick release, seems like I only have to add a 9 speed cassette.








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Hi Stefan, welcome to the Hub and your first post  :). Theoretically the 29er wheel should fit but I would rather try to steer you towards using the 26er wheels that you linked to your post. 


I assume you want to use your knobblies on the trainer and this will make a massive racket, you won't even be able to hear yourself suffer  :whistling:. The second advantage of using the 26er wheel will be the simplicity of just changing the wheel over when you want to go for a ride  :thumbup:

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