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  1. Just add a roller, I will be able to assist you with that.
  2. There's a new kid here in PTA when it comes to shock and fork services. I dropped my bike off there on Thursday. I will provide feedback 😊
  3. Sorry. I need to clarify. You guys are correct, the pull ratios are different. I built an E-Bike and ended up using XT 10 speed shifter and rear mech on a 7 speed cassette. We chopped and changed on that build so much that I was under the impression that the shifter was a 7 speed. This is not true, I used the 10 speed shifter as well.
  4. Why won't it work? You will have one extra gear but if you tighten the cable enough it won't go as high / low. I have used a 10 speed on 7 speed in the past without any hassles
  5. The guy from the second ad does not reply at all. I made contact with him immediately after the post came up, but thanks for the link of the first one, I think I need to purchase it 😉
  6. Some folks may argue that the tech has changed a lot since then but IMO if you wanted to go for a Hard Tail I do not see much difference between the geometry of a 2012 - 2015 model versus what we see on the market at this present moment. The frame colors have changed 😁. But one thing you also should also note is that building opens a whole new can of worms, you can easily max your budget with only half a bike.
  7. The second example only cleared the next day (and it was only R2k 🙈)
  8. SBSA is crap, I have had it in the past where I do an immediate payment (twice) in front of the seller and he then receives a notification about the funds but they did not arrive into their account hours later. In the one instance I had to leave, visit some family in the area, have discussions with the bank and after around 5 hours return to collect the bike. So much for "immediate payment".
  9. There won't be any issues. I have done this quite a few times in the past.
  10. Why not have the frame fixed? Then once the new one arrives then sell the old one, or keep both, or sell the new one, the possibilities are endless 😁
  11. You can just load an ad the same way you would when trying to sell something and just say: Wanted or Looking for
  12. I am sure I will be able to get one built up for that budget
  13. My opinion: if you are looking to build it up and keep it for yourself to use for the odd coffee run or so then it doesn't really matter if it's an Axis. Then the money you end up spending also doesn't really matter. It then becomes more about the hunt to get the right parts and to do right by the frame 😁. If I had the opportunity I would have taken it one step further and had the frame powder coated in some funky colors and have some decals made 😋. But with that being said, I would only do that if it was a (n + 1) scenario and I already had a proper machine. If this was going to be the main bike then no, not worth it.
  14. My thyroid bombed completely but I enjoyed the experience. We improved our 2019 time but I really took some serious strain. I will be back in 2022 because its an amazing event and I love everything about it.
  15. Great write up man, bummed that you didn't get to ride it this year but, it was definitely the right decision. I will see you next year as well 😁. But ok, I first need to finish this one 😅.
  16. I am not seeing a log on Strava for @JohanDiv so I am not sure he rode over the weekend
  17. Hang on, there's still value in the parts, yes the frame may have a crack but you can still get value from the parts or you can get it fixed. Yes it may cost you some extra moola but you have those two options: 1) Strip it down and sell the parts to get some cash back 2) Get the frame fixed
  18. Without a doubt, that is why I return almost every year 😜
  19. Socks, shoes, checkers bag, booties 😁
  20. I will only be there next weekend 😪
  21. It's a tension / cable issue. IMO, but I am no expert 😉
  22. I sent you a PM earlier this morning. I wanted to do a post here as well so that you don't think I'm some Oil Rig worker (Bike Hub joke). But any way, I collected the Rocky Mountain this morning from the LBS. I will also add a kiekie here for comments. PS: That extremely long front brake hose has been shortened.
  23. Good luck hey, we're also going to try and miss the "camp @ CP#5 situation" 😁.
  24. I won't be too phased about packing stuff into the boxes. Our starting times are way earlier this year round so you'll end up needing your lights and warm clothes from the start. My suggestion is that you use the boxes for dry clothes (After Langwater i.e. CP#4) and a spare light / battery - also in CP#4. But other than that I would not focus too much on packing the boxes to the rim. One very important tip I can give is: You eat during the first 100km for the next 100km. So do not be shy to load up on food.
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