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Virtual Everesting & Fundraising

Wilhelm Landman

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Good day Hubbers

This Saturday (11 April 2020) 8 of us will attempt a virtual Everesting and fundraising. We have created an Instagram account under Pedalling For Purpose through which we will be running the media to try and create some hype to increase our fundraising effort. We will start 7am South African time on Route to Sky on Zwift going up Alpe d'Zwift about 8.5 times. Feel free join in, in full or in part. Please send along to anyone that might be interested or that will be willing to contribute to the cause.



Description below:

This weekend a group of South African endurance enthusiasts, at their respective socially distant (yet virtually close) braai’s, hatched the bold (yet some might say ill-considered) plan to virtually climb the height of Mount Everest (8,848m) together on stationary bikes in the comfort of their homes. Each of us will climb the height of this mighty mountain.

As a group of individuals we find ourselves fortunate enough to be able to push our bodies and our minds to these limits. However, there are many less privileged people in the world who will never get to experience the joys of technology or thrills of sports. Many of these people depend on charities to help keep children fed, in school, and to supply life-changing medical services. One such charity is Ubuntu Pathways, who in light of Covid-19 had to cancel their 2020 London and New York galas, two events which they rely on to raise over 30% of their annual budget. We are therefore dedicating this event to jointly raise money for Ubuntu Pathways: https://ubuntupathways.org/

More about Ubuntu Pathways

Ubuntu Pathways (formerly Ubuntu Education Fund) is a nonprofit organization that provides an integrated support system of health, education, and social support in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Over the past 20 years, what began as a fortuitous meeting between two strangers has grown into an internationally-recognized blueprint for community transformation. Ubuntu has redefined mainstream development models by focusing on the depth rather than breadth of our impact on a community of 400,000. We believe in trusting those closest to the problem to create the solution. In partnership with the Bertha Foundation, we have created a world-class staff development initiative and today, 95% of our team are leaders from the community we serve.

More about Our challenge

We have identified a virtual rendition of Alpe d’Huez, in the form of Alpe d’Zwift as the target for this challenge, referred to by cyclists as Everesting (basically when crazy people go up and down the same hill until they have scaled the height of Everest).

The rules are simple:

1. Climb the height of Everest in a single workout;

2. One hill, anywhere in the world (even the virtual one); and

3. One single workout. No time limit. No sleep.

We will be adhering to the rules set out by the custodians of Everesting: https://everesting.cc/virtual-everesting-rules/

Alpe d’Zwift is located in the virtual world of Watopia and is a beast of a climb in itself, climbing 1,036m across 21 hairpins. Our target is to complete this climb more than 8.5 times in a row (extra kudo’s to those of us who finish the 9th one). The only respite being freewheeling back down before ascending again.

We don’t know how long it will take, but this feat should keep us busy all day (likely between 12 and 15 hours... maybe even 20 for some). We also won’t keep the fun to ourselves and anyone is welcome to join, either in full or in part, permitted that you have a Zwift account and can access to the route. Our challenge will start at 6am British Summer Time on the 11th of April, on the “Route to the Sky” in Watopia.

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