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Garmin Vector - Platform Centre offset - How to fix ?

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So i have purchased a fitted a set of Garmin Vector 3 pedals which has platform centre offset measurements in it. Its indicating that i am pedalling on the outside of the pedal and on both sides - left more than right. 23 mm on left and 9 mm on right.


I have swapped from my Shimano pedals which i actually purchased with extra length axles as i already knew that i needed extra Q factor as i have a pretty wide gait. When i compare the Garmin pedals the spindle is not as long so the Q factor will be lower i.e. narrower so  I fitted the pedals with spacers (1mm) inside already. I have now added another spacer to the pedals but i was wondering if i could get some guru who knew what this meant and whether i should start moving cleats and which way and how to correct this. 


I have always had issues with my feet feeling really sore on the outside on longer rides - i think its because i push with the sides of my feet and consequently i use as wide a platform pedal as possible - Shimano in this case but now the Garmin's use Look cleats which are also pretty good.


Any takers or reference material.


BTW loving the pedals for the one ride i have used them. I had a 50/50 L/R balance which i was pretty chuffed with.



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