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Buy & Sell Section - Sellers response times


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Hi all,


Is there an acceptable time to allow a seller to respond to an advert enquiry.

I have found that most people are very slow to respond to enquiries when sending a message or email.


Those that do take the time to add their phone numbers can obviously be contacted directly much quicker.


Whats with people...do they or do they not want to sell their goods....just asking. Whats everyone else experience ? 


Maybe a phone number should be compulsory when placing an advert ?

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Has been discussed, if you really want the item then you'll just have to be patient there is no way around it


If you don't really need it and they can only be arsed to reply after say 5 days then move on


If I don't get a reply on a PM within 12 hours I usually accept I won't get the item, out of the last 100 exchanges I've made I can remember 2 where there were extenuating circumstances and the sellers made effort to get back to me and I did end up with the items on both occasions, I appreciate that and made sure to include it in the feedback I left for them



IF I really want something and there's a phone number I call, unless it's after 8 on Sunday. Messages can be read before yours and you'll lose the item



Sorry for the rant, if they haven't replied after 12hrs move on


Yes I also think numbers should be compulsory

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