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Spinning bike recommendations


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Hi All.


Looking to purchase a spin bike for home exercise use (I'm an amateur level cyclist) . Looking for suggestions on a good value for money spin bike (under 10k) and where to buy it .


So far I've come across the Trojan Pro X 470 but haven't found any reviews for it.



Thanks in Advance.

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Hey man. my 2c.


If you are after that type of thing that bike looks fine. I had a trojan from makro that my ex wife still has.


If you have a 10k budget I'd also suggest getting a smart/fitness watch like a Suunto 5 or Apple watch. Something with heart rate monitoring and then get on to youtube and check out GCN training video's where you can do a virtual class. That's a great one to start with.


The key to spinning at home is to actually use the thing and if you climb on it and just pedal away mindlessly you are going to get bored very quickly.

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