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    2 Saffers in the premier class. One of them on a works bike. Who would have thunk it? In other (but very relevant KTM) news Toni Cairoli has announced his retirement from the motocross world championship. The Decarli team and Toni Cairoli have been a huge part of KTM's growth in the last 12 years. And to think they actually got turned down by Yamaha.
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    On Crash.net they have Daryn Binder as a possibility at 2nd Yam team. Is that a real possibility?
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    So... Surely if MV was fired from yam Aprilia would have applied the you test an unmarked black bike till January gentleman's agreement that everyone seems to have adhered to in the past??? How do you jump ship like that mid season? The tiny bit of respect I had for that oke is well and truly gone now. I honestly thought he'd be on testing duty till 2022. How is he testing and Racing the bike? I don't get it? Someone who knows please tell me. Anyways. If his Aragon result is anything to go by he should fit mirrors to his bike so he can get out the way when he gets lapped
  4. An AC separation isn't a big deal so he'll be fine soon. He's worked enough miracles this year. He should use the other arm to hit the beers now for a few weeks and on the way home use the injury to lobby for a business class upgrade. Then let er rip next year again. Heal up soon GOAT.
  5. OMGGGGGG!!!!! That is amazing!!! That's the most original and cool frame spray I've ever seen. Bravo Spez There's a trend for hot rods to have a bit of patina rather than a super gloss high end finish nowadays. Call them Rat Rods if you will. That is so cool. So American. For me that is the best custom job for a bike I've ever seen. Question is. Is it real or clever spray work? Can't be real surely. Ali doesn't rust like that. Or am I wrong?
  6. The Tony Stark one or the original one from the comic books?
  7. Rule number 1 with tattoos. You don't put a company logo on your body. I met a dude once who had a MOERSE Quiksilver logo tattoo'd on his back. And no it wasn't Kelly Slater #notclever
  8. We really enjoyed this one. It's based on a Harlan Corben novel. It takes place in Nice so the visuals are pleasing. I love France.
  9. Ja. We enjoyed it. Top tip. Watch it in German with the English sub titles. We tend to watch foreign language stuff for some reason. We're on Marseilles at the moment. Not reeeeeally feeling it yet but it's got promise.
  10. Fun fact. My dog is named after the Neo Nazi brother Ulf.
  11. My guy. I've started taking him to a different trainer. Just because they do agility training. They've got agility equipment there and he cruised over the tall skinny bridge first time no worries. I've got little traffic cones and a hoop that I set up for him to do. He's finally figured out that if he drops the ball I'll throw it for him and the idea of the game isn't for me to chase him. Attention span is a real problem. The trainer the other day said she won't use him to demonstrate a new technique anymore coz he's so clever she feels like it's cheating. We took him into the mountains the other day and he was so in his element. He absolutely loved it. When we got far from people the lead came off and then he was in 7th heaven. The cats are a real problem tho. His behavior towards them is getting quite scary. So much so that we've got one of those vibrate collars. As soon as a cat interaction happens he gets buzzed. I don't like it but I also don't want a dead cat.
  12. Juuuust get it. It's got Houding and everything. You can't walk away from that dude. Seriously.
  13. Haha. When I was in the Army I was a provincial sportsman so I went to youngsfield. One of my mates was a guy named Anthony Kettle. He was a full contact Karate champion. He was a bona fide bad ass. This was before MMA but that type of thing was his gig. No one fcked with Kettle. The one day one of the lieutenants gets it in his head to take Kettle on. Friendly taunting stuff. So Kettle says I can take you out with both hands behind my back. He literally said those exact words. The lieut accepts the challenge. Buts his beret down. They square up. BAM. Kettle connects with a kick to the head and the Lieutenant was lights out for a few minutes. The entire company including the Captain and the Sargent major laughed their asses off. Aaand then we spent the rest of the day getting jaaged as we called it.
  14. There's an event called Morzine Harley Days in Morz every 2nd year. Imagine if you will. 15000 French attention seeking harley riders. All together in the same place. And the only "ladies" hanging about the Harley chaps are as look as fresh as their bike saddles.
  15. I also used to say that type of thing but truthfully I don't buy that for a second. The amount of focus, time and effort required to be prepared and carry out something like the epic takes it way beyond mere dick swinging. IMO.
  16. We sold our 2 places at below what we wanted but we got that benefit on the other end when we bought. Essentially you are paying less estate agent comm when you sell and less transfer for the new property. We dealt exclusively with 1 agent but that came with it's own challenges when buying as there was a different selling agent for the place we bought. We're very happy with what we ended up with. The place we bought ticks all of our boxes. The garden was totally overgrown with Ivy and brazilian peppers so we've been trying to get that sorted and the solar heating for the pool went in last weekend. Now if this rain could leave and we could get 5 days of sun maybe i could get a bit of swimming done.
  17. I don't want to derail the thread. He was 13. Ironically his utter dominance of windsurfing probably did the sport as a whole more harm than good. IMO He is the greatest waterman of all time. Mike Stewart, Slater, Kai Lenny, Laird Hamilton. All great but Robbie is the greatest.
  18. IMO Greg Minnaar is the personification of BMT. Great champions can almost will something into happening. Greg is one of those great champions. When he retires he should become a motivational speaker. And he should start with our national cricket team.
  19. They did a next day race in Moto GP at Qatar once. I wonder what the contracts ITO television broadcast times say about running a next day race. The forfeiture numbers involved are probably a lot higher than the worth of a few Formula 1 drivers lives.
  20. HEY NOW! You'll get a warning point for that sort of talk.
  21. The line was privatized and used exclusively by the knysna choo choo. There's an organization called friends of the choo choo who were trying to source the funds to fix the line at Vic bay but as time goes by the line will get more overgrown. My dealings were with Wnde's office when he was the MEC for tourism in the Western Cape. The whole thing got shut down pretty early. The land probably does belong to Transnet. Someone with more determination and passion for a project of this nature should probably have handled it rather than an IT guy who's into riding bikes for fun. As I said in a previous post I've walked the stretch from Ballots bay through Vic and to Wilderness and it's truly beautiful. But it's totally overgrown and probably 10 years from being completely swallowed up by the bush in some spots. Imagine riding a bike over those railway bridges you can see from the road between Knysna and Wilderness. That would be STUUUUNING!
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