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Titan Cypher RS comp vs Silverback stratos al3


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What kind of riding are you planning on doing??


The Silverback is more versatile than the titan with its extra travel, so for western cape style mountains, its great. The titan looks awesome but seems more marathon focused than the Silverback.


Thw Silverback seems to have better specs on the expensive upgrades (forks and shock), than the titan. Both fit two bottles, and 1x12 although I'm partial to sram after all the Shimano clutch issues, but SX is ***.


Dont know what the titan weighs, but the Stratos is a heavy machine... Again, depends on your riding style i reckon... Longer days in the saddle and less technical, go titan... More mountainous and gravity fed riding, go Silverback.

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What butterbean said.


Here is a quick review and bike weigh on the Stratos AL 3 https://youtu.be/rthg8VUSfog


Stratos definitely built for comfort and technical fun riding with shorter stem, 120mm travel etc. Titan leans towards XC / marathon racing machine with longer stem, 100mm travel, geometry etc.

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