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MTB Cycling shoes

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I'm looking for some new MTB Cycling shoes (probably the XC Kind, don't really like the gravity kind). My Current shoes (Specialized MTB Sport or something) have been going well for the last 6 years but the Velcro straps are not working too well any more (they pop loose every now and again).

I'm not too serious and don't need the latest and greatest (and kind of on a budget), but will prefer to get shoes with BOA or maybe laces. Other than Cyclelab in Fourways I don't know any other Westrand shops with a good selection of shoes (don't find the selection of shoes at Cyclelab that great anyways).

Shoes that are of interest:

  • Giro Guage with Laces (the Privateer lace is at Cyclelab but the price is a bit too high to my liking), no idea where I can find/fit a pair of these
  • Specialized Expert XC (easy enough to find)
  • The Shimano XC5/500 also looks very good but I suspect the price is like the Giro Privateer Lace if not more, but the XC3/300 seems like a good option (seems like Shimano also have a "wide" version of their shoes which should work better with my feet)

Any other suggestions? I really prefer to go to a bike shop to fit and buy the shoes rather than buying online and not having the opportunity to fit.

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2 minutes ago, johanpre44 said:

Any other suggestions? 

I use a spare pair of Shimano road shoes I had in the cupboard...

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If it is just the velcro thats a problem and shoes are still good. Try replacing the velcro. Your local laundry should be able to do this or try some of the shoe shops out Azaadvill side.

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Hi Johan, 

I also had some Specialized (Carbon) MTB shoes that I loved and the velcro stop sticking... I bought some valcro strips ( you can buy then for anywhere , Checkers, Makro, Clicks, Crazy Store) . you only need to replace the fluffy side.  Shaved the old velco off and glued the strips on ( with Super Contact or Sew-Simple).  Got another 3 years out of them until the inner padding started to fall apart. 

This could tie you over for a while until you find something you want. 

I did Replaced them last year with Ryder BORA, these are not as comfortable on the bike, but are more conformable OFF the bike at the coffee shop or walking around. https://www.rydercycling.co.za/ryder-products/shoes/bora-shoe-detail

It does come with a BOA too. https://www.rydercycling.co.za/ryder-products/shoes/bora-mtb-2-0-detail



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Never thought about asking the local laundry to change the velcro, very good idea!

Was thinking of getting a new pair and fixing the old ones and using them every now and again until they really fall apart.

Really want to fit those Giro's, but no idea who stocks them around JHB (will even drive to Pta if there are shops that side stocking them)

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I have also made use of an old dude street cobbler down at our taxi rank. Still many of these guys around and they do a proper old school job. Maybe ask your domestic or garden help they will know where to find these guys.

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