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User feedback not working

Hello Ruan

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Hey guys,

I searched but didn't find a topic similar to this one.

I have been trying to give feedback to a user that recently bought my bike. The 'Deal feedback' modal opens and I type the user name but the drop down doesn't seem to be working so I can't select the user and if I click the form field it just resets back to default state. I tried Firefox and Chrome on my desktop and also on my phone still no luck.

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Hi Ruan,

The feedback system is restricted to only allow selection of users who interacted with the ad. But you should be seeing the buyers user name on that form.

Please either DM me with more info on the ad & user this was for, or hit the Contact us link in the footer and we'll look into the issue.


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I always try and provide feedback but found that if a seller removed the ad I wasn't able to provide any review. Also if a buyer bought from me after contacting me by phone.

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