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Advice for first time riding Amashova 106km


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2 hours ago, bar_1 said:

What race cheap will be used?

If you’ve done the 947 RideJHB, then it’s the same number board.

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21 minutes ago, Thoneshan said:

I see the weather forecast is rain. I've never ridden in the rain. Any tips for riding in the rain? 


CTCT2022 was a properly wet race.  Some thoughts about this event ...


. Glasses ... without it the rain stung my eyes.  With it, it fogged up and the droplets impaired visibility ....  at a recent wet event I set off without my glasses ... the rain cleared and I wished I had the glasses with me.


. PUNCTURES 😵  The shear number of punctures on that wet day was mind boggling.  If you run tubeless, make sure to top up your sealant.  Take extra spare tubes.  (Loss of pressure in the rear tyre suggests I also had at least 1 puncture, thankfully the tubeless did its job).


.  Rain ... brakes ... stopping distance .... if safe, check your brakes.  Allow a bit of space.


. Fine line between overdressing and getting cold.  Those infamous yellow cycling jackets can assist to keep some of the rain of your body.  Easy to remove and put in a pocket if the weather clears.  I use a thin jacket from Anatomic as my top layer for these rides.


. If it truly buckets down ... wet gloves and water in your shoes are part of the game.  No biggy :)


Sounds worse than it is.  The vibe and commeradery in these conditions makes for a good event.



If you are not racing for podium .... stop and have a coffee.  ENJOY !!!

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Good advice for tomorrow . Keep something for the even the last 10km as some nasty little climbs at 45th cutting and up to Toll Gate bridge (watch for the 90 degree bend turning onto the N3 before this).  Wind always seems to be in your face down to the finish.  Have a great ride, even if it rains, there is good spirit in the bunches throughout.

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