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  1. Apologies, off track and posted before but I laughed when Greg Minnaar's old man told me how he took Greg to his first MTB race at age 12 (as I remember). Greg buggered off and was only seen again at the finish. The rest is history.
  2. Topboxes and their mountings have improved over the years but, as noted above, they bounce the most. Anything valuable in there, consider a ratchet strap around the whole thing and under the mount. Otherwise tankbag. I use the small Wolfman tankbag, Giant Loop Coyote soft bag, (Enduristan Rally Pack tailbag and Wolfman fender bag (puncture repair stuff). Plenty similar alternatives now; all quite pricey.
  3. Raubex busy on the N3 around Umlaas Rd / Camperdown and there is some buggeration on the Shova route, particulary at the underpasses and bridges intersecting the N3. I think the rehabilitation of the Thornville to Umlaas Rd section is pretty much complete but that was also on the go a little while ago with a few stop - go's SA style. Was painful; saw a poor roadie trying the route and he didn't look happy; but that was a few months ago.
  4. This comes up quite a bit - one SA university even had a lecturer who missed some very basic stability issues in structural design. He just disappeared. But to bicycles; I suspect Pat Morewood can just draw out a frame and build it to see if it "fits" but the devil may be in the detail; mainly the stress analysis for member sizing and connection design and manufacture. Seems to me there are two points of frame failure - the member itself it is is under sized (over stressed) and the connection in that it does not distribute the stress evenly within allowable limits. But maybe that is simplistic, understanding what the loadings are must demand experience and deep knowledge; maybe running an instrumented frame.
  5. Chris Cairns facing a battle I see; some paralysis after a heart op.
  6. Good thinking; I am dozy. Thanks to everyone, further ideas welcome, pm if you like to avoid cluttering the thread.
  7. Thanks Roddie; that is a difficulty as I have asked for this but will re-check as to how he's placed.
  8. Yes I have, as well as current registration, now expired.
  9. Registration; oh boy. I have a Husky 501 that I bought from a guy who emigrated. Very pleasant and good deal I think BUT he's now overseas and I need to get the thing registered. All I have is his ID No. 😬, no forms filled in. Possible?
  10. One JB from back in the day would have had a field day!
  11. What a lekker ride (hope you missed the rains). I'm envious.
  12. Eddy said. Amateur. If you pump it hard enough you can get it over the ceiling..... ag never mind.
  13. I can't really add to this as I don't know Greg except for a howzit in the family shop but his Dad told me two things: Greg was a natural from junior mx to bicycle and the first little jaunt on a bike at around 12 he left his Dad (a good MX rider in his day) way behind on a bicycle and took off into the distance. Greg can pedal a motorbike as well; now and then. Then, he said Greg is very laid back but incredibly precise and particular about bike set up as well as the technical aspects of the track, training etc of anyone he knew. Aside; Kevin Evans and Brandon Stewart (remember him? he was dating Greg's sister methinks) were in the shop at the time. His Dad was by far the best bike shop owner I have ever dealt with.
  14. Stunning by the MAN from Maritzburgh! Sunday afternoons getting busy with this DH and two Binders in MotoGP, alcohol stocks taking a smack and wife cannot understand why the excitement.
  15. Late last year I had a loss of talent on my KTM 525 and tipped into some rocks which punched a depressed (me too) hole into the ignition side cover which started blowing oil. Stinking hot day but mixed some Pratley Steel, scraped the paint off and plakked (stuck for you NZ types 😁) the stuff on, waited a few minutes (it hardened very quickly in the heat) and continued the suffering. 9 months later it hasn't leaked a drop, changed the oil and no tell tale flakes, can't get a cover so its done a good few hours since then, well 10 to 15 with no issues. JB Weld maybe even better.
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