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  1. Like just about everyone I have tried golf and agree except for what I found missing; the adrenaline rush you get after a steep downhill run or even a challenging little climb, same as a good wave, ocean type that is.
  2. Sad business and I sort of know how bicycle and motorcycle riders can get carried away in the thrill of nailing a windy road (downhill for cyclists) but, with age, I have realised that doing this on a shared public road is er, quite risky. I have had my scares and scars, mainly on gravel roads in KZN and Lesotho, and lost a few friends along the way and seen plaster city first hand. I have been "surprised" (skrikked) by a breakfast run howling past me when I was puttering at 100km/hr on a dirt bike and encountered some cyclists that needed evasive action to pass safely but it is what it is. My take: if you want to go (really) fast on a road going motorcycle, go to track days (there should be more "let off steam opportunities" I think). Road bicycle; if knowingly sharing the road with traffic (I hardly do) it can be deadly dangerous, even being sharp isn't enough as there is always some bastid out to kill you. I'm just back from a 40minute trundle (lights front and back), mainly on surfaced roads, and there were plenty of opportunities for bad accidents, mainly cars pulling out of driveways or turning across at intersections. Makes you think when enjoying a downhill even at 50km/hr. I really hope the cyclist heals up and the motorcyclist learns a lesson.
  3. Great stuff; let the Hub know how you go. I dabbled once, an Ossa, but enduro took up my time back then although you quickly realise how very different the skills needed are to every day riding (and how easily you can scare yourself snotless at 10km/hr).
  4. Spent some time in the Midlands over the weekend and quite a few cyclists out on narrow roads with plenty of caged meanderers and other types. Stopped at the Groundcover shoe factory and saw the beautiful memorial to Justin McCarty, the founder, killed by a bakkie on the Curry's Post road. Be safe out there.
  5. I love those 600' and have had a TT600 and an XR600 but both, even after servicing, would let me down not starting. Trying to push start in Kosi Bay sand or at Katse Lodge got old very quickly. Since then it has been estart all the way (like ebike ๐Ÿ‘บ).
  6. This reminds why I got an ebike. I was a 6 to 10 hour a week, Sani mid pack rider but approaching my three score years and ten I found that, on a pushbike, a 30km, 450m of climbing too 3 hours and left me weary for the day. On longer rides (eg. out of Die Hel), companions were having to wait half an hour or more for me. A solid climb up to a downhill trail at say Giba blue was a once off only and many short, steep technical (rocky zig zags that need momentum) climbs I used to enjoy left me shattered and had to be finished on foot. ebike rewinds 15 years and I can ride more or less wherever I like, up hill and down dale (except in the rain, my ebike is sensitive like that).
  7. Do not forget emergency warm clothing, can get very chilly any month of the year.
  8. As dave noted there is bicycle related assistance there; Afriski and Ramabanta Trading Post, Malealea etc come to mind, tour operators, there and in KZN (Detour?). I have only ever had good times there (all dirt bike) but there have been incidents along the KZN 'berg border. Take pepper spray, mainly for the dogs - a few people have been badly bitten and very limited number of trees to climb ๐Ÿ˜ Take dark glasses to protect you from the starlight, ๐Ÿ™ƒ, have a blast. I am silly not to have spent more time there.
  9. Not sure about this but I think TBR suspension, mainly dirt motorcycle oriented, in Hilton KZN may be able to re-apply or repair. I seem to remember it being mentioned on my last visit there. They ship suspension anywhere.
  10. You kidding right? Have a look at the daily distances in the Roof and you need a little motor to get there. Gaps are opened by skill then stamina and strength, not just motor and, unless you are in the top 30 or so or competing with friends the only relevant time is the cut off time. Hence my not really getting an ebike KOM on non-technical uphills. Just because I don't get it doesn't mean it's at all "wrong", everyone enjoys different challenges. But I sense we are talking past each other.
  11. Pray elaborate or is there some kind of cool ebike code I am not aware of? I ride with some of these guys (and I ride a dirt bike) so I just cannot see the point of riding an ebike on max power up non-technical single track / jeep track; the novelty wears off quickly as there is (IMHO) little skill just pedaling.
  12. My Zim 2c on this topic; please guys and girls on the road; hold your line. I got a skrik in CT when in a car, approaching a small group of riders from behind, reasonably well wide, one turned to look over their shoulders when I was about 10m away, inadvertently moving towards the car and I really thought I was going to clip them. I do know of a sad fatality back in the day from something similar and a truck. Be safe out there.
  13. Purely theoretical but is it only the presence of pedals that make it an actual e bicycle? I am thinking of the latest in e motorbikes overlapping with ebikes. Latest lower end ebikes (Giant) have 800W batteries. But separately the ebike category on strava seems to be becoming competitive all on its own; for climbs nogal (may as well be on a motorbike). I would be more impressed if there were "boss of the berg" sections for the downhills; maybe there are? Disclaimer; I ride a tatty old ebike.
  14. Thank you but I have just popped for a new XT chain, eish. I would have done the KMC for sure as I have had them before.
  15. Yup, never quite got to buying a Spez bike but have bought shoes, gloves and saddle, finding them very good. Coming up for shoes, gloves and helmet, even saddle, it has been repaired a few times.
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