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What bike to buy

Erik Breedt

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Hi everybody just wanted to share my humble 2 cents.

Honestly if you want to invest in mtb i would say get a dual sus, as Aaron said i would also aim in the range of 30 to 45k. 120mm travel would be great if you want more confidence but also slack and angles play a role in that department but a 100mm dual sus is beter than a hard tail of the same travel.. If your main concern is the back wheel losing traction then dual sus will definitly be benificial. Another thought i had was that upgrading can also be expensive. 

I also want to add on that a 19mm inner width rim and a 2.4 tyre is a bit of a stretch, this can cause the tyres to flex side to side under lateral load so that may also be a problem that you have to increase tyre pressure to counter. In my experience lower pressure is always better and thats what make wider internal width rims so popular now a days.

Also a side note had a buddy that was absolutely crazy on the downhills on any bike, he just had that skill in him. Maybe its a factor of how big the sack is if you all know what i mean : ) he feared no descent and was reckless but fast. Descending is a technique i struggle with to this day but it does get better with time and effort. But besides all that a dual sus is a big upgrade and i have seen few go back to a hardtail after, so many pros to a dual sus over a hartail

To each their own and make your own informed decisions on what choice you want to make. Rember if it has 2 wheels and pedals its bound to have a fun factor.

Cheers everyone!


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On 11/7/2023 at 8:42 PM, Mtree said:

For XCO and XCM, is 160mm not a bit excessive for those disciplines?:whistling:

Potentially yes. Erik didn’t state what dual suspension he was looking for and as mine is on sale, I thought I would just give him the opportunity to have a look at what I’m offering.

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