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  1. Also try Hoogekraal, some switchbacks there, but nothing super technical.
  2. Generally speaking front wheels are a 2x cross pattern, rear wheels are a 3x cross lacing pattern. (From my experience)
  3. "Insert comic sans" Could you get the font size any bigger?
  4. Plus one for a Pyga Hyrax or Slakline!! Goodluck on your searches!
  5. Would contact the guys at Knipe racing. They should be able to help you... Wayne pudding Mol
  6. Hi All, is anyone having issues with the forum column on the homepage. The discussions - Active topics "column" doesn't load and I get a 504 Error on that specific component at times, anyone else having this issue? @Matt
  7. Would definitely recommend Exo+ casing... Icon or Ardent race would be sufficient, can't really go more aggressive without the tail wagging the dog here...
  8. @Thomo, @shaper and @Bos, thank you for your input, has made the selection much wider!
  9. Hey all, looking at purchasing a few things that I cannot get locally from CRC or the likes. What other options are there, other than Chain reaction cycles? Is Merlin cycles legit? Are there any others that Hubland has experience with? Regards
  10. Either of those work, you just need to find a balance. Trying to find a very flat bar with virtually no rise will probably be the better bet. I went from a riser bar to a KCNC Darkside bar, have it positioned so it's perfectly flat. Side note: work ergonomics play a big part in this too. A flat keyboard is not your friend
  11. 100% correct, causes issue with the ulnar nerve in the elbow. Natural hand position is inclined to rotate outwards. Speaking from experience, this will generally affect the ring/pinky finger, but there may be transferred pain/numbness between nerves.
  12. https://www.evobikes.co.za/product-category/components/mtb-parts/m-forks/page/2/?swoof=1&pa_manufacturer=rockshox&really_curr_tax=131-product_cat
  13. summitbikes.co.za Depends on what you are looking for, Cassette and drivetrain components are very well priced. Alternatively: evobikes do have some stock. Stock is a large issue.
  14. https://www.diycarbonbikes.com/collections/fullsuspensionframes/products/29er-or-27-5-dcb-f130-fuel-style-carbon-fs-mtb-frame?variant=33013170176080 Hi all, looking at this frame, is there anything equivalent from reputable sellers, any other sellers on the interwebs that sell Chinese carbon frames? Dengfu etc? Kind regards
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