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Clueless on selling price, please can you assist?


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Good day,

I have a pre-owned Silverback Nebraska which I am hoping g to sell on behalf of my son who moved to the UK and needs the funds.

I am rather uninformed with regards to MTB’s so would appreciate some advice on what to sell it for on this platform.

Thanking you in advance,







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It is only worth the total of its useful parts and I can only see the Mavic rims being useful to someone (unfortunately 26” bikes are a thing of the past except for some kids bikes). There are Mavic rims for sale on the Hub for around R1500. If the tyres are not perished you might get R2000. 

The rest of the bike doesn’t seem to have much value I’m afraid. The fork and other parts are largely redundant. 

I’d put it up for 3k and see if you get bites but realistically I think you can expect to get somewhere around R1000 on the Hub. 

I’m only a bit familiar with this as I’ve been looking for a bike for one of my staff members and your bike is exactly what I’m seeing being sold around the 1.8-2k mark. Anything above that is either not sold or ads are not being updated if the bike is sold. 

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