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  1. nonky

    45k mtb?

    If you have the cash on hand, specialized has new 2020 bikes (XC and trail) selling at near cost on their website. https://www.specialized.com/za/en
  2. it's sad that "its" is repeatedly spelled as "its'". itsdeterminer UK /ɪts/ US /ɪts/ A1belonging to or relating to something that has already been mentioned:The dog hurt its paw.Their house has its own swimming pool.The company increased its profits.I prefer the second option - its advantages are simplicity and cheapnesshttps://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/itsPedant of the day, thanks.
  3. Jeez, that is some awesome riding on some BRILLIANT trails.
  4. I'll translate: "Once we have your hard-earned money, whatever happens thereafter is YOUR PROBLEM..."
  5. Zoom, definitely Zoom. Skype is OK but needs bandwidth (struggles in Africa). We had endless problems with MS Teams and this option was generally disliked by users, even when we managed to get it working. WhatsApp works for voice and video but needs a stable connection or voice quality can be iffy. It appears to be more data efficient than Skype but i am no IT expert.
  6. All sports are struggling big time - USA Rugby just filed for Chapter 11. Premiership rugby cut wages 25% across the board. Barcelona FA players agreed to huge wage cut. All Blacks training staff have taken pay cut. Aussie Rules players agreed big (50%) wage cut. Read somewhere about a charity appeal for lower-ranked tennis players. The list goes on and on and on...
  7. Yeah, "Strict RRP" is often referred to as "price fixing", "collusion" or "market dominance"... But that's a thread for another day.
  8. I wanted to comeback with a witty or sarcy comment but I'm at a loss for words...
  9. Free waterbottle to the first hubber who spots a R100k bike with NX or SX Eagle drivetrain? Almighty bloodbath on the way...your LBS or fancy spez dealer down the road may not see Easter, let alone Xmas.
  10. Nice guys in person, but i had a bad experience with them online with vitality gear in the past. I am a fairly persistent person but, eventually, i had to give up after a few months. Never received the goods or a refund. Won't ever buy anything from them again. Edit: spelling
  11. With gym visits cancelled for the foreseeable future, I will definitely be riding - usually solo but sometimes with other/s. No coffee stops though, which sucks but isn't unbearable. And elbows bumps all round as the new method of greeting. If we go full lockdown, all bets are off (as they say in the classics).
  12. The Bontrager lights are awesome - front at rear. I NEVER ride without mine and they've given me 2.5 years of faultless service.
  13. http://buffelsdriftmtb.co.za/ Quite a drive out there but definitely worth it for the regular trails. The enduro lines look HECTIC, ie unrideable on an XC bike. FYI, it gets HOT in the summer.
  14. Big sale during March on MERIDA HARD TAILS at Bike Addict - 25%-30% off. Worth a look.
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