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Help Needed in buying a 2nd hand bike for my son.

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1) Size of the bike you want or how tall's your son? 

2) What's your budget? 

3) Do you want a HT or dual sus? 

4) Does your son already have kit or are you going to have to purchase that as well? 

5) What's the main discipline / use of the bike? 


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1)  Size bike: Medium.

2) Budget: Max R7000.

3) HT

4) He already has kit.

5) Trail and Cross-country

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Ok, great stuff. So here's my opinion and take on things. Just note this is my opinion and it's not the rule right through the bank: 

For your budget you'll most likely have three scenarios 

1) The drive train will most likely be the stock 2x or 3x and the original owner will most likely try to offload his / her bike to upgrade to something better. 

2) If someone has gone through the hassle of upgrading the components they will most likely have discovered that the frame has a straight steerer and upgrading the frame is almost impossible so hence the sale. 

3) If it's great all round then the bike won't hang around for very long before someone snaps it up 😁

If you've managed to get to this point in my booooring message then big on you :thumbup:

I can make you an offer which I think will be a pretty decent rig:

Frame - Silverback Sola 3 

Fork - Manitou Minute Pro (with a catch - more on this shortly) 

Wheels - ZTRs with Hope Pro II hubs 

Drive train - 1x11 

Brakes - Magura MT4 

PS: The fork does not have a thru axle, yet. I am importing one which will only be here at the end of the month or mid April. 

PPS: I deliberately posted the specs on your thread to get opinions from Le Hub :thumbup:

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On 3/9/2024 at 6:25 PM, ShawnAbdoll said:

What do you think of this bike, and price?

Screenshot_20240309_181749_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240309_181826_Samsung Internet.jpg

If the bike is in the condition the seller says it is and if it has the components the ad refers to, I would say it is a  very good price. 

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