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Bicycle insurance

Erik Breedt

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Hi guys 

I just wanted to learn a bit more about bicycle insurance since I'm starting to get more gear and upgrading my bike I don't know when a big crash will happened hopefully never, but in those times I would like to be covered by a insurance company and since I'm still kinda new to the sport I don't know any insurance company's that are good and will cover most of the stuff if anyone knows a good insurance company please let me know and also what j should do and not do with insurance 

Best regards 


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Erik this topic comes up often on the Hub.  Well worth searching for a few of these threads.


Couple of points to consider:

1. Wearables ... you can get insurance for your helmet, gloves, watch, etc .  

2. Accident, Theft, Mugging   . You may want comprehensive insurance to cover you properly.

3. Theft ... where ..... have a look at the stolen section.  A very large portion of thefts occur from home .... consider your risks before opting for one of these ON/OFF insurance companies.

4. Price ... cycling insurance can get pricey ...  many of us add it as a spesified item to our insurance  portfolio.

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Erik one more thing to note -


Bicycle insurance is for the "current replacement" cost.  Thus every year or 2 you get a qoute for the replacement value of your bike.


Totally different to car insurance value which lowers every year.



It still sounds wrong.  Best speak to your insurer and be sure what value to use.

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I'll second Naked insurance, I crashed last year, damaged both wheels, handlebars, broken shifters. Quite a lot of damage, within 5 days all my components and wheels were replaced and I had my bike back. 

Cost-effective insurance and you don't have to deal with all the insurance cold calling. 

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