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Info on Mountain Biking.


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He he, Scotty, ask my buddy KayC what can happen to you on Organbrinder (It involves the little sleeper bridge and the ditch below it - ouch!!)Wink Of hoe, ou grote?

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Guest Michelle
Big H: Ja... I'm a groot Rooinek Botter Bek LOL  That's what the little dutchman kids used to tell me in nursery school Cry
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After waking up (yawn) and giving this topic some seriaaas thought, I can recommend a number of places:


1. Logwood (www.cultcycling.co.za)

2. Northern Farms (have to buy entry tickets at the Bunkhouse 0825334545), and

3. Groenkloof Nature Reserve.




But then you already knew that Big%20smile



The Thug2006-11-03 07:24:58

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