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Reader letter to SA Sport Illustrated


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The Oracle: Tour de France 2007




Why not legalize the use of banned substances in cycling?

Imagine the following story in SI/Oracle style:




In a controversial move the UCI have decided to legalize the

use of any performance ?enhancing substances, commencing with the 2007 Tour de

France. The move leads to a spurt of new developments in bicycle design, with

the Discovery team using their state-of-the-art wind tunnel to perfect the

aerodynamics of the world?s first racing bike with an intravenous drip/ drug delivery





Notably absent from the new bike is the traditional water

bottle holder. A two-hour special entitled ?making an IV-Bike? will be screened

on the Discovery Channel during the coming months. The director sportive of the

team has also been sacked, and top doping guru Dr. Fluentes has been appointed

in his place.




According to reports, all team cars will be replaced by

state-of-the-art ambulances with laboratory facilities on board to concoct

tailor-made cocktails according to the needs of the individual riders during


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