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myrace registration problems


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How do I get in contact with the guys at myrace?

Have been battling for 2 days to apply for a license.  Somewhere along the process I chose the wrong club and can not delet this.


I feel like dusting off the old fax machine as a last resort!
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It's probably a mechanism to protect a club, as some riders in the past joined a club, got a bike, and then rode away with it - never to be seen again.  PM latrinus or myrace - they're probably the only people that can help you. Napalm2008-12-12 01:38:52

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Hi Tankman


Changing the club is a little complicated because it depends on whether the club you chose has confirmed your membership or not (I am guessing not in your case but a manual check is still required)  


You can call me: 078 800 6502

or send in a support ticket: support(at)myrace.co.za


and we will fix it for you...




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Hi Justin


On the topic of MyRace.


How do you know if your license registration was successful or not?


Or do you just wait untill your club hand you your license card?


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No... it should be a little more efficient than that. There are a series of auto e-mails to confirm progress of your card as it moves through the approval process...... Eventually notifying you that your card has been delivered to the collection point


Due to some recent changes in the prvincial approval process.. these auto-emails have not been activated.


You should start to see them coming through shortly....

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Still no luck Justin.  All I want to do is get I cyclosport license for now, waiting on confirmation of sponsorship before getting the full license.


I dont have that option currently, keeps showing the full license application I already started?
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