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Power training 101


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Ok, I got a Tacx i-magic indoor trainer and for the first time I started staring at Wattage data.


Currently this meens absolutely nothing to me. Since I'm to lazy and tired (I got two 7 week old boys at home Big%20smileBig%20smile) to read up on it, can someone give me the basics?


How do i start using this to build my fitness. My current fitness level = 0 for reasons mentioned above (Big%20smileBig%20smile). Where and how do I start? Are there programmes I can look at etc.


It seems to get very technical and my sleep deprevated brain can not handle too much so, just point me in the right direction.
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I would  suggest (and others like BikeMax and Bruce will probably give you better suggestions), that you


1) Get back into the swing of things by just ridign the bike for a bit. Maybe a month or two nice and easy if you have done nothing for a while.


2) Go and do a lab test whereby you will get back results such as lactate threshold, body fat etc.


3) read this: http://www.cyclingpeakssoftware.com/power411/  (of course you don't have to wait to read thisWink)


4) Put together a realistic plan based on your goals. There are many people who can give you good advice on this forum.


5) Once you've reached a certain level you may want to use the services of a coach like BikeMax etc. or getting basic trainng programs online.



If you're going to use power on the Tacx, you should continue this training with a power meter once you're training outdoots....
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