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Garmin Edge training programs


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i have been using my Edge for some indoor training, but would like to know if anybody out there has any specific training programs or know where to download some for the Edge??




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thats one of the great thing of the garmin,, you can program it yourself..


so if you get a decent program off the internet or in a mag,, you can program the unit (using the pc software they gave you)

to do exactly what you want, when you want, for how long you want,,


you get the picture!
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the only problems with that is the edge doesnt take into account robots and stoppages!!


its got an auto-pause function that you can turn on??


(but I cant remember now if it stops while its doing a "workout".. Confused)
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Found some software to compliment and help with training.




SportTracks - very nice and Free - go to the forum and download the plugin for Training this adds lots more. Includes some training programs.


MotionBase - web based just need to register, both have more detailed maps.


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