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rohloff speed hub


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i'm looking into building a speedhub into my 29er SS, does anyone own / use a speed hub? looking for any comments Big%20smile 

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Get hold of Olaf at Crosstown, he's sold and built a few, ask him for some contact details but everyone I've spoken to loves it.

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I've built a few into MTB wheels, which is quite a challenge and only works with the Mavic MTB UST rim - X8-something.


It is a fantastic hub with many benefits. Once your sprockets are worn, you turn them around and use the other side.


The double cable is a bit clunky and the reaction arm is just so much more elegant on a frame made specifically for a Speedhub.


One of the gears is particularly noisy and overall, the hub's efficiency is a bit less than a jockey system, but nothing one should worry about unless you're in the top 1% of racers and every second counts.


If I were to take a long expedition through the Andes or Himalayas, I'll fit a speedhub. Perhaps even for the Freedom Trail.


Nice and practical.


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