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training for long rides


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OK so here is the question. I need to do some mileage training for the epic, but I cannot always find time to do a five hour ride in one shot. If I could do three hours in teh morning and again 2 hours in the evening would it be the equivalent training as a single five hour ride??


I am guessing not but it would be interesting to here someone explain why....




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Perhaps this should be in the training forum...


A number of years ago I commuted to work four days per week. It was a very flat 30km ride and I used to ride it under an hour both ways (tt on the way home). I wasn't particularly fit when i started but in 3 months I had lost 10kgs of fat. I was able to ride 145kms around Harties and hammer back with a semi pro team and finish feeling pretty good.


The stresses on my body training twice per day was much more than if I'd just cycled 2 hours in the morning. I felt as if I didn't ever recover. I needed a lot of sleep. I would get home around 5pm and be asleep by 8. Up at 5am. Into work by 7. Day after day. Oh, it also does something chronic to your metabolism.... I ate enough food per day that would feed me for a week now.


I guess your plan should work but I'm not sure about the science of that type of training. Good luck anyway.


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I think your training will be fine. I believe the pros only train about 2-3 hours a day and then do extra gym work, stretching etc. You could do that too. On some days, rather run or do a gym session in the evening. Two rides (especially offroad rides) in one day would be tough for your body (same muscles used, little time for recovery).


Try do a few long rides on the weekend just to make sure that your body gets used to the continuous strain, but mainly so that you get used to re-fueling while exercising (your training plan allows you to re-fuel between exercise bouts).
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where are titius ti and fatty - what sort of training did you guys for those long rides ?


what kind of training schedule should one use for say the TransB or DD?


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