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  1. Nick from Bike Hub Hi Brent, ´╗┐Unfortunately, we suspect that the bikermouse848 account (banned in early April) is a notorious scammer named Taun Bewsher. He has had a number of accounts on Bike Hub over the years which we continue to ban once they are discovered. ´╗┐ Here is an ongoing discussion about his scams in the bike tour sector:
  2. Oh this does sound like the same guy Hub advert did not say boost. We fixed the rim tape and then realized the wheels where boost.
  3. tell me more? I'm not aware of that
  4. I think the seller's name is Tawn. He sold a pair of roval wheels to my kid and did not specify they where boost, he also claimed the rim tape was in great nick. We looked at them closely after he left and they were boost and the rim tape was damaged. We made contact and he said he would resolve it but has not. We've offered to come to drop them at his place to no avail. We have made calls, whatsapp, telegram and direct on bike hub and now he has ghosted us. No luck. I would like to return the wheels and get the money back.
  5. Hi I found a Garmin item on table mountain on Tuesday the 8th (tonight) in the road near the cable station. Describe the product and I'll gladly return oh seven 2 5eight5 42nine4
  6. hey don't PM...put it here for the rest of us please
  7. Shimano MTB pedals at some crazy good prices It's my birthday on Friday...do I get double the discount?
  8. OK so my sis saw the thread and said I should post my latest project. I've done several guitars but this took something special. Gibson es 335 Trini Lopez semi hollow electric that sounds as good as it looks Many hours lots of learning to laminate and make a vacuum press to do it. Some mistakes experimenting with epoxies and glues. The neck and fingerboard and trim are raw wenge, super stable, hard and beautiful. the raw neck plays really nicely.
  9. It seems that the shop you went to made a bit of an oopsie. I'd go back and nicely ask them to cough up for a new free body...
  10. Should be fine, they are there to keep a little oil to lube the wiper seals. I've even used a broken one till I could get more, I had no problems
  11. I tried a number of things and so knowing I was going to replace it...well lets just say its not going to be able to be reused now
  12. the piston inside the lever stuck in. I disassembled and soaking in paraffin, no help.
  13. here are two pics of the lever in question
  14. OK so the lever is the older i-spec, not i-spec-B which obviously becomes problematic as my shifters wont fit. Seriously *** design . Thanks shimano Alex wc45 - the XTR ones are sold
  15. So my XT brake lever died (M785). I disassembled it (including the parts you are not supposed to disassemble) and basically it's buggered. Frustration is that Shimano do not bring individual levers into the country anymore. sooo does anyone have one going begging somewhere I can buy? Or does someone have one with a broken blade that I can have (or salvage parts off)
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