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Handle Bar Change

The Saint

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My bike which is a Raleigh the scorn of all hubbers and for some unknown reason to me comes with very short handels on the down bits (not sure what they are actually called. (The pieces below the hoods that you hold onto when you are trying to look aerodynamic.


Right now I have another set of handlebars with longer down bits and I want to put these on my bike, I can get the bars of the stem and take off the tape but how do I get the break lever goodies off?
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Take an no.5 allen key and slide it into the outer side of the sti under the rubber prt. There's a little grove on the side. just loosen the bolt and slide the sti of the handlebar. 

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Thanks dude, I think the down bits are called down drops, very short on Raleigh bikes for some reason or the other, you can only grip em with 3 quarters of your hand, makes for an uncomfortable and unstable ride. I will look for the little groove with my number 5 allen key. Appreciate the advice.


Any art to redoing the tape?
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just start the tape from the bottom, pull it tight and make sure you overlap the tape by little less than half of the width. otherwise the tape wil move and your handlebar will show. when you get to the sti take the tape over the top of the sti then under the sti and then continue on the top again.


Hope you can make something of my description.

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