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  1. I just had bad experience myself. and had some people of my club in jhb not very comfortable on the bike and they came to me for help to correct the measurements on their bikes. But ive heard of people telling me that he is very good and some complaining about him.
  2. Use to live in JHB. and had and heard about bad experiences
  3. Im with you on that one. It works realy well.
  4. Defnitief Linden cycles. vat al my wiele soontoe en het nog geen probleme gehad nie.
  5. Sorry dont know who does that in Cape Town. Only Bloemfomtein and Johannesburg. I can do it for you over the internet. pm me if you are interested. scsc2007-02-05 06:42:06
  6. I would go for the Selle Italia SLK LADY Gel Flow. the rav x one is not that good. My friend had one and changed to an Selle Italia SLK LADY Gel Flow and never looked back.
  7. just start the tape from the bottom, pull it tight and make sure you overlap the tape by little less than half of the width. otherwise the tape wil move and your handlebar will show. when you get to the sti take the tape over the top of the sti then under the sti and then continue on the top again. Hope you can make something of my description.
  8. Sorry the brake lever goody are called an STI.
  9. Take an no.5 allen key and slide it into the outer side of the sti under the rubber prt. There's a little grove on the side. just loosen the bolt and slide the sti of the handlebar.
  10. I think thats the first Giant that looks good. Very nice bike. Looks gr8.
  11. You Have to measure your legs inseam to determine the correct frame size!
  12. you can only do about 3000km on a chain. if you do too much you do damage to your clusters.
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