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calling home mechanics (hollowtech II related)


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when re-fitting the BB cups of a shimano hollowtech II crank/bb, how tight should they be in the frame........I have read 35-50 Nm..........but quite frankly without a torque wrench, that means nothing......


any simple guide for how tight? hand tight, hit the spanner with a mallet tight? hit it  twice etc. ?


any other tips to prevent creaking, copper grease will be the first remedy, never really had any luck with plumbers tape ?
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Copaslip, then tighten it pretty f_ing tight, the recommended torque is pretty high anyway. Don't use the Mallet, but it should be bloody tight.

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ja, its "scientifically formulated"........so it must be good right ?


anyways - victory motor spares (bottom of loop street)...32 bucks.
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O don;t mine too tight since I let Threadlock keep it in place.


Thread lock and copaslip don't always work lekker together
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