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An inventor has made a bike that travels sideways.


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This is bit like re-inventing the wheel:








It has been hailed as the first major development in bicycle design for 150 years. The Sideways Bike has a steerable wheel with a set of handlebars at either end.




The cyclist sits sideways and operates a wheel with each hand, and pedalling makes the whole bike travel sideways.




Its key advantage is that it's more manoeuvrable than a conventional bike, says its inventor Michael Killian, 46, a software engineer in Dublin.




"The strange thing about it is it's very like snowboarding or sailing because you're moving sideways and operating on a different balance system in your head.






"It's a front-to-back balance not a left-to-right like a normal bike. That affords you tremendous grace and motion. It's dance-like.




"The advantages are in the motion. It's never going to win you the Tour de France. But it's mesmerising and entertaining."





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Ah great - now not only do I have to dodge pedestrians, dogs, cats and motorists but also have to concentrate on whether I am going forwards or sideways!!!Confused

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Klink na pret... Maar gaan lees wat die mense daar s? oor die fiets. Hulle is reg in baie aspekte van die ontwerp. Veiligheid is 'n groot vraag. Dis dalk hoekom die fiets wat ons vandag ry bekend staan as die safety bike...

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