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  1. Any have the details of that guy who runs maintenance workshops for MTB? I know its been posted here before but cant find it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Congrats man, that is a beaut of a bike.
  3. Yes, SPDs are good value and great performers. Keep the screw loose on the pedals while you get used to the feeling. If you wipeout against rocks while clipped in you will suffer.
  4. Hi Ronelle - yes, it took about an hour before I was convinced that my opponent hadn't assaulted me! We were playing league so it wouldn't have been unheard of And my nickname is just lazy keyboard strokes - my name is Dave for what its worth. Tks for the advice - I am trying to get positive and respect the process, but really starting to feel weird without exercise!
  5. Thanks for the advice and sympathy everyone. It really helps. I have started doing press ups to get some heart rate going, but its a pretty poor substitute. Look forward to the swimming in 6 weeks tho, that should feel pretty great. In the meantime, enjoy the roads and trails everyone!
  6. So not every cloud has a silver lining. When the doctor told me no sport for 6 months min, I asked him what should I do? You know what he said? "Sell your squash raquet!" What I cant figure out is why it happended. It was the 5th game of the match. The only thing I reckon is that i did a spin class the night before and they did this wierd standing up and running sort of move on the bike. May that strained my achilles too much?
  7. I have just ruptured my achilles tendon, it snapped right in half while i was playing squash. Loud noise, blinding pain. Had surgery on friday, now I'm in a cast-thing. I am so depressed I could actually cry. No squash for a year, no cycling for 2 months. No flat walking for up to 6 months. Trying to take a dump is like stephen hawking doing yoga. Has anyone else had an achilles story? Is there a good side to this - any good news at all? Someone please tell me that I will recover and be fit again. This no exercise thing is starting to do my head in.
  8. Awesome man, congratulations. Perfect health and abundant blessings for the little guy.
  9. Great article from JP Landman about "Is the bad mood justified?" After a pretty impartial analysis his answer is basically, No, life is a lot sweeter than our paranoid perspectives allow. Worth reading if you have the time: https://jplandman.nedsecure.co.za/files/show.asp?id=30180&cat=socio-economic_delivery
  10. I rinsed my hydration bladder with a Milton solution and left it overnight without killing the black stuff. After I rinsed it I hung it outside in the sun for 2 days - and now it leaks! So I guess I've learnt that sunlight is a bad idea...
  11. In a month of membership i didnt receive any new release movies. In order to work this to work it needs a proper, efficient postal service that can turn around deliveries in one day. UK has that, hence this concept is big there, we have a more erratic service. One advantage I found with their service is that you can drop it off at any of their drop boxes - and there are plenty around so its really convenient.
  12. I joined on a triall Enjoyed the experience but didnt sign up because of the slow postal service. It takes about 4-5 days to turnaround a disc, so even through the pushplay guys are probably on the ball, the post delays the whole experience quite a lot. This sevice is great if you only want to watch 2 movies per week max. The selection is huge, lots of art house stuff and comedy, but new releases are in demand so you wont get sent them that often. Bottom line is its a great idea and is defintately worth a go.
  13. My mini RavX pump stopped working this weekend. Must have blown a seal because no air coming out of the end. That's 3 pumps in a year for me.
  14. Call me ignorant, but is that frame really so different from many other frames using that swing arm config? Looks a bit like the rally system, and a few other makes I've seen.
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