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  1. we are using Aosept Plus® with HydraGlyde. I have scleral lenses and my wife has soft lenses. After cleaning the lenses, just make sure there is enough time to neutralize the solution (hydrogen peroxide). The solution turns to saline that is safe to put in your eyes.. Have not had a problem getting Aosept yet. The other solutions are a problem.
  2. Thanks ChrisF. will have to weigh up all the options. Will see if I can get a Facebook Group that can help with information and where to get the carriers and all of that. sucks that a disability can cost so much money. Just wish I had an Automatic car, as it seems like the next issue I have to face.
  3. I work on more than one location. So it is not an option. And would help a lot if I can move about on weekends as well as I am home 90% of the weekends. Went to buy water at a shop yesterday and snapped at my wife when she could not decide if she wanted strawberries, but I felt the cloud of passing out nearing me and wanted to get to my car and wait for it to pass. Another issue I just thought of is that the client we work for, has a crap load of buildings that are not accessible via wheelchair, even though they are a University.
  4. I see most of the mobility scooters disassemble where it is easier to get into a car. The one we tested was heavy as the South African taxes. Think we need to go to a shop and see what we can get and work from there. There might be a solution to transport the scooter as well. My balance is non existing at the moment. I could stand on one leg for hours, but in the mornings it is a struggle to stay up at all. Standing here is an issue as well. I get very lightheaded and have been deemed a fall risk.
  5. I am looking more at the conversion, just for one reason. Ease of use. I have to get the device from my car. So weight is a huge issue as I can hardly pick things up at the moment due to weakness. The wheelchair I can still get out the car. A mobility scooter is another matter and will have to convert my car to be able to transport the scooter. My brother might be able to assist if I need to go mobility as he said he will cover the cost. But again the issue is the size.
  6. The sad reality has kicked in today. I will need to use wheelchair. My uncle had a mobility scooter that he gave away to someone else. So will have to work a plan to convert my wheelchair to electric. The thought suck ass, but I have to keep busy and work is the only distraction I have at the moment. The main reason is because I have been getting a weird vibe from the owner of the company I am working for the last week as I am not 100% productive at this stage as I am unable to walk the distances on campus anymore. And at the moment I can't be at home with my own thoughts. I have to keep busy...
  7. Started watching season 3 tonight… it was after all Wrecked, but season 3. So found what I was looking for. Thanks Patches for the help
  8. Today was one of the longest days ever. Filled with chemo therapy, CT Scans and X-rays. So I am drained to the core. Ordered some food at Uber for tonight to give the wife a breather as well. She needs to eat and does not want to eat infront of me. Found a few answers today. I have been peeing a weird yellow red brown black color the past week, and no matter what I do, I can't get it lighter. It is part of my liver failing. And found out that the constant itch was also from my liver failing. There is a toxin buildup at the moment. And that causes the itch and weird color of my pee. A little win... I was given a green light to use dagga at last for the nausea and vomiting. So going to have to dig out the dynavap and get some weed. Momentum approved the radiation therapy for my liver. That was why I had the CT Scan today. I am now sporting 3 tattoos. Was a mission to find an area with no scar tissue in the way for them to use as all the scars are where they wanted to place the markers. I am still a little tired. Had about an hours sleep during the treatment, but due to my liver I will still be very tired.
  9. Looks like this tread became a victim of the downgrade of BikeHub. See only one person is still tracking...
  10. Missed this one. Did you get sorted? You can go the state route, but you will need a doctors referral letter to an state orthopedic surgeon who will then request an MRI or CT Scan. The biggest problem is the backlog on this. You can get an MRI, but take it that you have a job, so if you get an income the state will charge you think R3500 (this was in 2019) for an MRI scan. I know a few medical aids claims back from the state. Ours even has the option to go to a state facility and pay less to go there than private practice. Thing is you get state medicine and care (which I might add is better at state hospitals than private hospitals these days. I do not understand how medical aids refuse to pay for MRI scans. Medical Aids are so full of poo!
  11. For the people who have not met me yet. This is a photo of me… the worst thing I found with weight loss… your arse bones hurts when you sit on hard surfaces. The pain patch that I use was increased to 20mg from 10mg. Made a stupid mistake and had a few pieces of fruit for breakfast. Have a rather uncomfortable pain due to gas. But hope that will pass. had a few piecces of steak last night with some fries (6). At least that stayed in. Was caught yesterday with a bit of exhaustion. The heat caught me out while walking on campus. The only worry is that I will need a wheelchair that is motorized. The weakness is an issue. And walking great distances is a problem. I had to take 3 breaks on the 1.6km trip on campus yesterday.
  12. One unit in. Doing fine so far. They are just running nausea meds, then starting the second unit of blood. can feel energy returning to my body, that I have not known for more tan r months. Enev my heart rate dropped by 10 bpm. And my bloodpressure is lower as well. Update: even though I have not slept an hour last night I feel much better. I am no longer a weird green colour. More of a pink hue. I am no longer lightheaded when I have to move so it is scary what two units of blood does. The transfusions were done by 02h30 this morning.
  13. Being moved to the oncology ward from the cardio ward. And will receive my first ever blood transfusion of two units of O+ My blood count took a huge plunge since Thursday. So the doctor said I need a transfusion. Will explain why I passed out on campus yesterday.
  14. Received my Covid results very late last night. I am negative so will be admitted today. Can’t wait to get a bit of energy back into this body of mine.
  15. Currently receiving chemo. Will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow afternoon for intravenous feeding. The downward spiral of my weight loss became a worry for the oncologist. So will spend the weekend in the hospital (Wilgers hospital) Just have to get a Covid test again...
  16. Watched it this weekend. Also thought it might be it, but it was not.
  17. At the end of the day and searching for a replacement of the Apple Watch series 6, I ended up buying a 2nd hand Apple watch series 6 from a fellow Hubber at a good price. The series 3 started being a bit slow on the new Watch OS so pulled the trigger and got the replacement. The other thing is that we need to monitor my O2 stats during the day and the ECG. Even though it can't be used as the hospital equivalent, it sure does help to know why you are feeling the way you are feeling and if you should seek medical help.
  18. Thought it might be it. But Wrecked is more of a joke on Lost.
  19. I am looking for a series. I watched one episode in either 2019 or 2020 on DSTV while in High Care in the hospital. It was about a group of people that were on an island being hunted. I remember that they had chips in their necks. Could have had a comedy vibe (morphine is a strange beast) If anyone knows the name it will be appreciated.
  20. As soon as an piece of trash sends a copy of an ID, you can be 100% sure it is a scam.
  21. Thanks for asking BigDL, and sorry for the late reply. this was a week from hell. Constant vomiting and nausea. And spent two hours on 3 IV’s replacing fluids and feeding me meds. Spent Wednesday night on the bathroom floor in-front of the toilet. At least Grant at our offices understands what I am going through. today I was very shocked to hear that my chemo buddy passed away this afternoon. He lost his almost 3 year year battle with this bastard of a disease. But again he gave up few months ago and started thinking the doctors was out to kill him. so a rather crap week for me.
  22. My phone on iOS15 is a bit of a pain on bikehub at the moment. But it might be the Beta of iOS that causes problems, but I should hae gotten the iPhone 12 and not the 12 Mini. The screen real estate would be handy.
  23. Thanks for asking W@nted At the moment things are trough. I have never been this weak. Weight-loss is still a huge problem. The scale said 65.6 kgs this morning. Had to go shopping for new clothing as nothing fits anymore. Has the first proper meal last night. A piece of Lasagna. Glad to say it stayed in with help of Zofer (anti nausea medication) On Thursday I will have the 2nd round of 5FU Chemotherapy if my bloodwork and liver function is still correct. I made the epic mistake of attempting to reduce my pain medication (I have a system that works for a week in the form of a plaster) needless to say, last night was a sleepless night. So will be on pain medicine from now on. It helps a lot with my upper back pain where the chemo dissolved the pads between the vertebrae.
  24. Cois

    Calling on you gamers

    This new forum is starting to scratch my nuts! Lets try posting for the 3rd time. if you are not sorted yet, I have a PSU at the office that you can borrow and test with. It is a backup PSU that I have for when mine blows. only problem it is in Brumeria, and have to wait till the office is open to get to it on Monday.
  25. Watched this little gem a few day back... Luca
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