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Flat riding

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Is there any difference between hill climbing fitness and flat riding fitness, how would i improve my performance over flat coarses if i can climb relativly well already?

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I would say ride harder on the flats... I never used to pase when i rode with my riding patners or if i did i did it 4 a very short time until i started riding by myself and now i cant stop pasing its like im sitting on someones wheel so that is an option to ride by urself and build ur strength

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No is the answer..


The intensity is the same but the technique may be different. On a climb you have a constant resistance to work against as opposed to the flat where you have to "create" the power.


Do some long (90 mins) hardish rides on a flat to rolling course and concentrate on pushing the gear you need to generate the power / effort level you might currently ride at on a climb.


Don't forget that bigger/heavier riders will have an advantage on the flats due to a higher absolute power (in most cases) - this is why most of the classics are won by big guys.


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