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Spinning ?

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depends on how you do it. spinning classes are better than nothing, but arent specifically tailored to your needs.


get a program and do intervals on a spin bike @ gym. till you puke.


that'll more or less make you strong
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It is good training.


But try to use a HR monitor if you can.


In that way you can follow the class, but you will be able to monitor how hard you are actually working.




In spinning classes, I really really struggle to lift my HR very high. The highest I have ever managed to get at gym was 185 I think. But out on the road I got my HR to 200 in a sprint.


Normally in a spinning class I will normally struggle to get above 165 but on the road I am comfortable above 170+


Very weird how it works!




You can also do two spinning classes back to back if you need some more T I T S smiley36.gif

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80% of my training is in the spinning class and the rest on the road it is boring doing more than 3hours in the class. I am optimistic to say that you can go to a 10 seeding index by spinning lower than that you need to get more on the road.


Do spinning classes back to back. If your HR% does not get to 90% you need to increase the resistance while maintaining a 80rpm cadence.




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