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  1. Originally from PTA now Connecticut USA. You can see it on Google maps (type "East Granby, CT 06026" ) it is nice to ride in summer. Winter is not so nice.
  2. Thanks, I would Like to do a virtual 94.7, I do miss that race. Good luck to all that will be doing the 94.7.
  3. There must be some folks that are doing the 94.7 with a GoPro recording the race. I would Like to have a copy of the race video, you don't have to be a pro. I just need some footage to look at while being on the indoor trainer this winter. With the first bits of snow falling all riding is coming to an end until March.
  4. WOW, Thanks guys. I discovered this Thread two weeks ago, now I can get back to work.
  5. COOL!!!!! As for the street view question, if you have a *.klm file on the site to download, we can view it on google earth.
  6. Let me guess: you pay extra $$$ for a gps sender, do the race, then give it back. after the race you here the server crashed and only some people could do tracking.
  7. In the States it is not much to pay $90 for a race, in fact they dont even blink to spend $100 on useless stuff. I got a pair of asics (almost top af range) payed $50 (R350.00) came back to SA same pare is R999.00 at total sport.
  8. why dont you get a cheap set from Mr Price. there a a few bikes at VA that have threads striped because people don't tighten the pedals after they remove them.
  9. I think the only thing sporttracks cant do is make Cappuccino . but someone is probably writing a Plug-in as we speak.
  10. No there are no Quick fix. But: you are in luck it is almost winter, less races and more time to spend in the gym. hit the weights section hard once a week, doing Squads, Leg press, Lunges and calve raises. Once you are able to Squad your own weight you wont have a problem with the hills PS. don't do weights 2 Weeks before a big race. PSS. when your legs are so sore you cant stand up from the toilet seat. Don't go ride with you buddies. take it slow on your own.
  11. Camping Trailer Bike Rack http://www.toplinemfg.com/images/rvs-camptrailrack1.jpg
  12. Why dont you attach a second ball to the back of the trailer? it should be fairly easy.
  13. Yes, especially if in the top 10. It is important to study the route before the race. But saying that, i always study the route map, but it happened to me that the Marchall convinced me/us (we were the top 10 of the group) to go strait and then we had to make a U -t turn after 1km realizing we were wrong.
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