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ANC Youth League Sleeping around is sleeping arou


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If you havent heard this interview Of Floyd Shivambu's

please take 2 minutes and listen to this!

http://zoopy.com/q/w55<?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />





Floyd Shivambu (ANC Youth League spokesperson) has announced that Helen Zille (leader of the DA & premier of the Western Cape) has been sleeping around, and that means that she's been sleeping around, because sleeping around is sleeping around. It doesn't involve sex. Or it might. Then again it may not. 702 dj Redi Direko tried to find out more from Floyd, and this is what happened.
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Wow!! He tried to explain himself like 13 times, but his brain stalled everytime!! Just shows you what a joke the Youth League actually is.Thumbs%20Down

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Hey!! I could not beleve it. Like you said. What a joke, I hope JZ shuts him up as Floyd is embarrassing them all.

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